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would you like more peace, power & pleasure in your life? start confidently with my 3 Exercises for more Peace, Power & Pleasure in your life. what is it like to work with me? I found GMS so eye opening, and permissive. I felt validated and supported and just all around more expansive. I felt …

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How to Make GAPS Intro Pancakes

How To Make GAPS Diet Intro Pancakes

How to make GAPS Diet Intro Pancakes The GAPS Intro Diet is one of the most powerful healing diets for healing & soothing your digestive tract. For instance, it’s one of the fastest ways to stop issues like diarrhea. It takes nourishment to a whole new level. People with stubborn issues that are not resolving …

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Picky eating on the GAPS Diet

How to be creative with picky eating on the GAPS Diet

Photo by Derek Owens on Unsplash Guest post by Jenn Scribner, author of “From Mac & Cheese to Veggies Please. How to get your kid to eat new foods, end picky eating forever, and stay sane in the process.“ How to be creative with picky eating on the GAPS Diet Every kid is different, and the foods they …

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GAPS Class 1-to-1 GAPS Clients Probiotic Guide GAPS Masterclass My daughters have Autism and ADHD and both have shown massive improvements in mind and body. Lisa G. GAPS Class Participant It was GAPS that healed my leaky gut and I couldn’t be more grateful. At 53, I feel like 30 again! Julie Y. GAPS Class …

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want to know how to heal your gut & stop being sick? start confidently with my 30 day gaps™ prep guide to improve your gaps skills…without overwhelm. what is it like to work with me? I have gained more knowledge from our working together than in the past 12 years of working with numerous doctors, …

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GAPS Resource List

{US Version} Welcome to the GAPS Resource List – a place to find GAPS related resources, in one easy list. Prepared Food Resources Prepared broth: Kettle & Fire (specially packaged to be shelf stable!) Osso Good Broth Wise Choice Market Selena’s Naturally US Wellness Meats Millers Amish Farm (club membership required) Paleo Broth Co. (UK) …

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