This is Module 10 of the GAPS Class.
This week we will discuss:

  1. Birth + Breastfeeding Preparation + Common Issues
  2. GAPS New Baby Care
  3. Pregnancy + Breastfeeding + Birth Resources + Looking Ahead

1. Module 10 Workbook

GAPS Pregnancy Guide

2. Audio Version

Link to download – To download right click on this link and choose to save it (the Mac option is “Save Link As”)

(Let me know if you have any difficulties downloading or listening. Thanks!)

3. Bonus Resource – Placenta Encapsulation

PDF Document – Postpartum Depression & Placenta Encapsulation

Other Placenta Encapsulation Resources:

Placenta Encapsulation – Frequently Asked Questions



4. 10 week guide for introducing solids to baby


Pregnancy & birth resources

Ina May’s Guide To Childbirth Highly recommended by my midwife friends
Birthing From Within – An excellent book that helped me get over child-birthing fears
The Birth Partner – a guide for dads, doulas & others
Nourished Baby e-book by Mommypotamus
Beautiful Babies Online Nutrition Course by Food Renegade

Breastfeeding Resources


Breastfeeding.com – http://pregnant.thebump.com/new-mom-new-dad/breastfeeding.aspx

La Leche League – http://www.llli.org/

Breastfeeding support groups, many towns have them. KellyMom.com (below) can be a way to find one.

Facebook groups such as – https://www.facebook.com/Mom2MomBreastfeedingCampaign

Kelly Mom – http://kellymom.com/pregnancy/bf-prep/bf-links-support/

Lactation consultants are often available in hospital, and some come and visit you in your own home. Here is the website for the International Directory – http://www.ilca.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3432

Books, in no particular order:
The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide To Making More Milk
So That’s What They’re For! A humorous but helpful book on breastfeeding
The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding A classic
The Complete Book Of Breastfeeding, 4th Edition

If you are unable to nurse for some reason, the next best is receiving milk from a healthy donor or wetnurse, and the next best after that is making one of the homemade formulas as outlined on the Weston Price Foundation website: http://www.westonaprice.org/childrens-health/recipes-for-homemade-baby-formula

New baby resources

Weston Price Foundation – promotion and education of traditional, indigenous ways of nutrient dense eating

Super Nutrition For Babies – Nutrient dense feeding of babies

The Nourishing Traditions Book Of Baby & Child Care – Super practical advice & remedies for babies, a section on the GAPS diet is included

Real Food Nutrition For Kids – Not quite for babies…but great for kids to learn about nutrient dense foods. Mini lessons on nutrient dense foods…for kids!