This is Module 3 of the GAPS Class.
This week we will:

  1. Be diving in to the Gut and Body Connection
  2. Be doing some exercises in Family Recording
  3. Food Focus: Ghee

1. Module 3 Workbook

Module 3 Workbook Body Connection

2. Audio Version

Link to download – To download right click on this link and choose to save it (the Mac option is “Save Link As”)

(Let me know if you have any difficulties downloading or listening. Thanks!)

3. Module 3 Worksheets – Family Recording

These worksheets will help you make observations that a functional practitioner would look for, and track the poo!

4. Resources

Dr. Datis Kharrazian – Brain’s management of digestion

Brain Gut Connection

Know your poo
Click the link below for a comprehensive article on what to be looking for in your stool
Mercola article

Guide for reading the Bristol Stool chart

Bristol Stool Guide

Commercial Ghee
Commercial ghee can contain additives & preservatives. The most trusted company for organic and grassfed, pure ghee, is Pure Indian Foods, a family run business based in New Jersey. See link below.
Pure Indian Foods

Blog post on ghee