GAPS™ Class

GAPS Class

This is life again…as it is meant to be lived.

The GAPS™ Protocol is natural treatment for autism, dyslexia, depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, mood issues, substance abuse and addiction, autoimmune as well as chronic disease conditions. It’s possible.

If miscommunication within the body is the root of all disease then you can consider the GAPS™ Protocol to be a restoration of communication, down to the cellular level. GAPS™…the acronym for Gut And Psychology Syndrome, because like the roots of the tree are responsible for a trees nourishment, so our gut and its ecosystem are responsible for our brain’s care and for nourishing every cell in our bodies.

GAPS™ combines three powerful components: Diet, Detoxification, and Supplementation. In the GAPS™ Class I have brought together tools and instruction for successful implementation of a challenging protocol.

Why do it?

Because you and your child(ren) want to live well again. And you do NOT have to do it by yourself.


The next live class will begin on October 26, 2015.

Learn more at gapsclass.com

A Calm Mind Ecourse


Care for your brain while empowering your body.

Moodiness, sleep deprivation, low-libido, depression, anxiety, hyperactive kids and stress don’t have to be your constant companions.

A Calm Mind is an online course that looks at moods and brain health from a holistic perspective. A Calm Mind explains why our brain chemistry can get out of balance, and offers solutions for reversing the damage. We look at balancing with internal healing, nutrients and detoxification. This approach focuses on the root of the issue, rather than just covering up symptoms.

Through the Calm Mind course we take a systematic look at how the body works and share with you the role that nutrients play in supporting our bodies and brains.



Enrollment is currently closed.  Class availability to be announced.

Sign up at acalmmind.com

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