EFT when your money is not enough

EFT when your money is not enough. 

Tapping or EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, is one of the essential tools that I used (and still do) to significantly increase my income to support myself and my kids as a single mom. Today, I will share a script that you can use for doing EFT when your money is not enough. 

Why would you want to use EFT when your money is not enough? 

When we look at our actual income numbers, and it’s “not enough,” — we can enter a fight or flight state and experience a variety of negative emotions and feelings. 

Feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, shame, anger, resentment, despair, apathy, etc., will trigger root programming of survival, wanting control, or wanting love/approval. These root programs tend to loop on repeat in our brains. 

EFT frees us from this looping tape running in our brains. 

EFT uses scripts in conjunction with tapping on acupressure points, which helps to rewire our neural pathways and shift our perspective. 

I like to think of EFT as allowing us to rise to a higher state and welcome forgiveness, joy, clarity of thought, better opportunities, inspirations, actions, people, circumstances. 

For me, EFT is both prayer and a forgiveness practice. I see a shift in my emotions in a matter of minutes. 

I’ve used many different scripts for whatever was coming up for me around my finances. Once you learn the basics, you can use EFT in ANY area of your life. 

What are the EFT points?

There are 9 places to tap. Here is my demonstration of tapping.

Using two fingers, tap about 5-7 times on each point.

  • Karate chop point
  • Inside eyebrow point
  • Temple near the outer corner of your eye
  • Under your eye
  • Under your nose
  • On your chin
  • On your collar bone
  • Under your arm
  • On the top of your head

An EFT Script for money when it is “not enough.”

Here is a script that takes inspiration from the book Tapping Into Wealth and that I truly resonate with. 

Part 1

Start by just using the Karate chop point and say this script:

Even though my income still isn’t enough, I am open to the millions of ways that money can show up for me. 

Even though I’ve tried to stay optimistic about my income level, I have fear, shame & depression about it, and my money is not enough. I recognize in this present moment that I am just looking at a result on paper, from my past. But at this moment, I am a powerful manifestor. 

So I am changing my energy about money. I am totally open to all the ways money can start showing up for me. And everything I need, I am now attracting it to me. 

To allow more money into my life, I am now attracting ideas, inspirations, actions, people, circumstances — anything I need to allow money to show up for me. 

Part 2

Now Tap through all the rest of the points using the following script or tweaking with your own words:

Looking at my money used to make me afraid *** or angry, ashamed and depressed *** Now when I look at money, I just say yes *** I actually love receiving money *** It is really fun to get money *** I am genuinely grateful for the money I have right now *** I am now open *** To receiving any kind of (legal) money *** I am saying yes to all sorts and forms of money *** Cash, check, or charge *** I am saying yes to money *** A whole new vibration about money. 

I am letting go of fear and depression *** I am letting go of shame and anger *** And I am now allowing *** The real me *** To resonate with money *** I really love money *** It is fun because I am good at what I do *** I really love earning money *** I love what I do *** I am really good at it *** And now I am open to receiving *** With one simple word *** Yes to money *** I am saying yes to money. 

I am going to say yes to money *** All day long *** When I wake up in the morning *** When I go to sleep *** Yes to money *** Even when I dream, I am saying yes to money. 

I love this vibration *** I love this vibration of receiving *** I am now receiving and welcoming *** More money *** Into my home *** Into my business *** Right into my hands *** I am so curious *** As to how it will show up. 

And I am already feeling *** Excited *** And grateful *** For more money showing up. 

Yes to money *** Thank you for money *** I’m open to receiving money *** All the way through me *** Mind, body, and soul. 

Do this tapping exercise until you feel courage, acceptance, and peace. 

Then go do your NRA or Next Right Action. 😉 That may be creating something brand new, reaching out to a person you’ve been meaning to network with, connecting a “Buy” button to a product you have to sell, or posting about your Services on your Facebook page — or something entirely from left field. 

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EFT when your money is not enough

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