GAPS and Nutritional Therapy

Melanie Christner is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and GAPS Practitioner.

What is nutritional therapy?

“Nutritional Therapy is a science based, yet holistic approach to nutritional counseling rooted in the conviction that food is a form of medicine that can heal, protect, nurture and support good health.”

I offer clients nutritional therapy services to balance the Foundations of health, empowering my clients to learn about their own amazing and honest bodies, to feel good from the inside out, and take their health into their own hands. These Foundational pieces are Diet, Digestion, Blood Sugar, Fatty Acids, Minerals & Hydration.

What is a GAPS practitioner?

GAPS is an acronym for Gut And Psychology Syndrome, a name coined by neurologist Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride who, in her successful quest to heal her small son of autism, created the GAPS intensive healing protocol to heal both gut and mind. It also stands for Gut And Physiology Syndrome, also coined by Dr. Natasha, as healing the gut can remedy many chronic and painful physiological states as well.

A GAPS Practitioner is a health professional who has taken training with Dr. Natasha and who has her ample resources and support platform to help clients implement the GAPS protocol.

The Honest Body Creed

Miscommunication is the cause of all disease – there is no exception to that. It is the communication you have to deal with, when you are trying to treat somebody.

– Dr. Ron Rosedale