This is Module 5 of the GAPS Class. This week we will be talking about:

  1. The Full GAPS Diet
  2. Full GAPS Food Recommendations
  3. Menu Planning & Eating GAPS Food With Other People

Module 5 Progress Checklist

1Download & read the Module 5 Workbook
2Download the GAPS meal ideas & menu planning documents
3Download & fill out the Eating GAPS Foods With Other People Worksheet
4Set your timer for 15 min. & plan a weekly dinner menu
5Download the GAPS Travel Tips PDF
6Decide on a Dairy introduction schedule (if not allergic)
7Complete the Module 5 Quiz

Module Five Workbook


Link to download – To download right click on this link and choose to save it (the Mac option is “Save Link As”)

(Let me know if you have any difficulties downloading or listening. Thanks!)


Eating GAPS Food With Other People Worksheet

School Lunch Menu

Weekly Menu Sheet


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How To Deal With Other People’s Food

A couple of helpful articles:



Full GAPS Allowed Foods List


Full GAPS Menu Ideas

Full GAPS Dinners

Full GAPS Lunches

Full GAPS Breakfast

Full GAPS Snacks

Full GAPS Desserts

Favorite Food Blogs

Favorite Food Blogs

GAPS Travel Tips

GAPS Travel Tips

GAPS Meal Plan Services

Well Fed Homestead – We love her family size GAPS dinners!

Cara’s Grain Free Meal Plans – Use coupon code CLASS20

Paleo Meal Generator by Chris Kresser – Grain free menus that can be customized

Real Plans – very customizable meal plan service by Holistic Squid

Biodynamic Wellness Meal Plans – GAPS Menu Plans (sample below)


Other Menu Planning Tools

Post-It Note Big Pads

Big Pad in Yellow

Lunch Containers

Laptop Lunches


LunchBot on Amazon

Water Bottles & Thermoses

Sport Berkey Water Bottle

Thermos Funtainer

Module 5 Quiz

Are oats allowed on Full GAPS or Intro GAPS?
Someone with a damaged gut and/or diarrhea needs more fiber in their diet.
When I'm done with GAPS I can eat all the processed foods I want again, without effect.