This is Module 7 of the GAPS Class. This week we will talking about:

  1. GAPS Supplementation
  2. GAPS Supplement Resources
  3. A bonus Homeopathic Workbook by Angelica Lemke, N.D.

Module 7 Objectives Checklist

1Download & read Module 7 Workbook
2Download the Supplement Resources Worksheet
3Do Betaine HCl Challenge
4Do iodine skin test
5Download the Daily Checklist
6Download & read the BONUS Homeopathy For Special Needs Workbook
7Complete Module 7 Quiz

Module Seven Workbook


Link to download – To download right click on this link and choose to save it (the Mac option is “Save Link As”)

(Let me know if you have any difficulties downloading or listening. Thanks!)


Recommended Supplements

This list will be updated periodically


Bonus Homeopathy Workbook

By Angelica Lemke, N.D.

Homeopathy For Special Needs Kids

Module 7 Quiz

What are the core GAPS supplements?
The best sources of Vitamin A come from where?
Signs of Vitamin D deficiency include: