This is Module 9 of the GAPS Class. This week we will be talking about:

  1. Practical Matters
  2. Such as Fussy Eating, Common Issues, and DIY Remedies
  3. With a Bonus Workbook about Budgeting from the folks at YNAB…because a healing diet can be expensive up front, and its important to be proactive and smart about your finances.

Module 9 Objective Checklist

1Download & read the Module 9 Workbook
2Download the GAPS Constipation Menu
3Download & read the BONUS YNAB Workbook
4Complete the Module 9 Quiz

Module Nine Workbook


Link to download – To download right click on this link and choose to save it (the Mac option is “Save Link As”)

(Let me know if you have any difficulties downloading or listening. Thanks!)


YNAB Budgeting Workbook

The YNAB method of budgeting is one of the most friendly I’ve used. They look at budgeting in a fresh way and I invite you to check it out.

Constipation “Menu”

Module 9 Quiz

If your child is picky does that mean you can't do GAPS?
What is my favorite (QUICK) way to knock out ear infections?
The best food to nourish sick people is sweet food.