How I Manifested $4K Extra

How I manifested $4K

How I manifested $4K extra last month

Early this past October, I did my early-in-the-month calculating of my expenses and projected income. I had some extra costs to wrap in, and they ended up equaling $4,000 extra if I wanted to take care of them all by the end of the month. I’m going to tell you about five practices I implemented and how I manifested $4K extra last month without judgment, perfection, or stress.

Why do I feel it is important to share this story and my tips? 

I believe that women do important, good, and beautiful things with money and that they would do very well to have more of it. I have found that “When you seek blessings, the rest of your sacred contract will unfold.” The motion that is underneath being intentional around my money, welcoming more of it, and the care of it, has taught me so much in every other area of my life and still continues to teach me.

So, back to last month…

Once upon a time, I would have freaked out about this shortfall budget issue, but since I’ve been flexing my money mindset muscles regularly – I got curious instead. 

Instead of fear, I chose curiosity, openness, and trust. 

Here is what I did.

1. Declutter

Decluttering may seem like a strange thing to do to manifest money. But clearing your space sends a message to God/the Universe that you’re removing what no longer serves, what no longer gives you joy, or is weighing you down. 

Things you could declutter:

  • Old underwear & socks 
  • Your email inbox
  • Supplement drawer (or cupboard)
  • Surfaces like coffee tables & countertops
  • Papers, papers, papers
  • Stained or hole-y T-shirts
  • Negative thought patterns via EFT/tapping

I got to work clearing some areas that had been weighing me down. 

Another critical way to declutter is to heal and release your subconscious obstacles. 

As I often do, I spent some significant time in October with my journal, books of spiritual teachings, and oracle cards – excavating what needed to be healed and cleared in myself. 

For example, some old pain & lived memory was coming up around how daily life used to be with my former husband. 

I essentially created a ceremony for myself, going through a Sacred Surrender practice on my screened porch. I didn’t stop until I cried and released and felt empty and peaceful. My ego was quiet and subdued. 

The practice of release can look different for you – whatever brings you into a surrendered state. 

I had another healing & releasing experience about a week later. 

After each healing and releasing experience, another chunk of money showed up, out of the blue, without me needing to do anything. 

2. Word your Goal in a way that brings it sooner, and be very specific 

There are a few essential ways to state a goal to remove any negative messaging and realize it more quickly.

      • HOW you craft the wording of your goal is important. State the goal in the present tense or as already coming true. 
      • An example could be, “I am at the end of October, and $4,000 extra is in my bank account.” 
      • Or you could state a broader goal in the present tense, such as “I am financially clear & clean, and I easily have monthly abundance to share, save & invest.”
      • It is also super important to remove wording of what you DON’T WANT from your goal. 
      • For example, instead of saying “I want to be debt-free,” which includes the word (debt) you’re trying to remove from your life, say something like this instead, “I am financially clear & clean.” 

See the switch?

3. Set up “Anchors” to keep abundance in mind

Anchors are a concept I learned from Denise Duffield Thomas. The basic idea is that good feelings beget more good feelings, and it serves to infuse your day with regular acts of joy, delight, pleasure (enjoying & creating abundance in the Now), and keeping your goal in mind. 

Ideas for anchoring abundance:

  • Set your financial goal as the screensaver on your laptop or smartphone.
  • Change your passwords to reflect your financial goal.
  • Pick some flowers for your room.
  • Buy pretty new underwear & socks.
  • Pick up a container of plump organic raspberries & gourmet cheese just for you.
  • Carve out 2-3 hours to savor sweet love-making with your partner, or take that time to pamper & love on your own body.
  • Take yourself out to a lovely little tea shop for a whole morning.
  • Call a best friend just because you want to.
  • Write out your goal and put it on your bathroom mirror.
  • Get rid of electronics in your bedroom. Alternatively, give away your TV!
  • Get creative! The sky is the limit on all the ways that you can both bring in small pleasures and abundance AND keep your goal in front of you daily. 

4. Track & Practice gratitude for the abundance you ALREADY have

More money and abundance have a more challenging time showing up if you can’t recognize and appreciate what you already have. 

Here is how I track what’s coming in:

  1. I have a pretty spreadsheet that tracks all money & value that comes into my life daily, whether “earned income” or value that someone else has gifted or provided. 
  2. Express gratitude for the people and things I already have — whether it’s being able to sip a hot cup of tea in the morning while I journal and look at the mountains — or having a loving, thoroughly masculine partner with high emotional intelligence. ☺️

5. Take inspired action

Taking action can be the scariest part of the inner work, but let me simplify this for you. Inspired action is different than straight-up forcing, muscling-through activity. 

I’d like you to picture your future self (whether it’s one month out or five years). Visualize what your future self has, does, and how she is. 

Then ask your future self, “Give me one thing I can do right now,” or “What is my next right action?”

Start there. Release the rest. 

Here is How I Manifested $4K in October:

  1. The first chunk was a refund of tuition money that I had paid for my son’s college = $1,000
  2. The second chunk was taking my leased vehicle to the dealer to see what they would give me for it. I wasn’t going to be driving her all winter, and instead of continuing to pay the lease, I wanted to let her go. They offered me $3,600 over the buyout price! Boom, $4,000 + more in October!

I initially feared that I would need to hustle and grind to receive extra funds in October, but instead, I asked purposely that the money would come ease-fully. 

One last bit of advice – I did not do all of these things perfectly or every day. So, please release perfection and stress around doing ALL the items, all the time. 

Blessings on your abundance. 

Was this post helpful to you? Do you have your own manifesting story to share? 

I’d love to hear your comments below!

How I manifested $4k extra

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