Probiotics are essential to the health of the gut...

…and the gut has a profound impact on every other part of the body.

But if you have ever tried to sort through the hundreds of probiotic brands to find The One, you know that you can’t rely on imprecise marketing claims alone.

The Mother’s Guide to Probiotics is your guide to help demystify the process.

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When it comes to your family, you do your homework.

You make it your responsibility to protect their health and well being. Because you do your homework, you know it’s all connected to digestion, and you know that critical for healthy digestion — and healthy families — are probiotics: friendly microbes with beneficial properties you can ingest to support health and life.

Probiotics occur naturally in our guts, in an incredible variety of numbers and species. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles have left us with far fewer friendly beneficial microbes in our systems than we should have for optimal health, because of the influence of our medications (antibiotics and others), processed foods, stress, and a myriad of environmental factors.

You’re a modern mother, but you may also consider yourself a modern ancestralist. You tend to look for “what’s worked for millenia, rather than a couple of decades” in your day-to-day life.

I wrote the Mothers Guide to Probiotics because of facts like this one:


The gastrointestinal tract (the gut) has a profound impact on every other major system in the body.

This means that the microbes living in the gut do a lot of work for us — and the implications of this work go far beyond digestion. Various probiotic species help us digest our food. You know this.

They also help prevent infection, reduce inflammation, and manufacture essential vitamins. And this only scratches the surface of all that probiotics do in our systems!

We humans are actually a host to many more microbes in our bodies that the number of our “own” cells. (We’re more microbe than we are human!) The body of research on the role of these awe-inspiring organisms is large and growing rapidly.

But if you have ever tried to sort through the hundreds of probiotic brands on the market to find The One that will have the most therapeutic benefit for your family — (and, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably done some late night scrolling through pages and pages of results on Google a time or two) — you know that you can’t rely on imprecise marketing claims alone. Information overload comes to mind.


In a Mother’s Guide to Probiotics, I demystify the process of buying probiotics and guide you in selecting the best one(s) for your family’s precise health needs.

You will understand how to choose probiotics in order to address particular health concerns, and avoid wasting time and money on probiotics that aren’t effective or specific to your family’s issues.

I’ve tucked in to the research and weeded through the hype to bring you a guide that empowers you to know good research from blatant advertising. The intention of my work is to offer practical solutions to your family’s well being through effective, healing protocols, whether dietary or supplemental.

I’d like to help your family the way I’ve helped mine (and dozens of others), as naturally as you can. As a mother and nutritional therapy practitioner, I offer you this guide as a practical resource that backs your precious health spending with real, verified science.


Important lessons you’ll learn include:

● How to discern which species of probiotic to choose for your family

● What prebiotics are, and what they have to do with the care and feeding of your microbial ecosystem

● Probiotic myths versus truths

● Profiles of specific brands to look for

● Which precise, tested strains of probiotics to use for particular health concerns from A-Z (including antibiotic use, candidiasis, constipation, and eczema, among others)

● How much probiotic is the right dose

● How to store your probiotic once you bring it home

● What to do to mitigate die-off symptoms after starting a probiotic


Keen for clarity?

There are so many confusing probiotic claims (and myths), not to mention the sheer number of brands on the market. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the information out there, even if — especially if — you’re doing your own research.

I want to give moms a clear understanding of how to put these friendly helpers to (really) WORK in a therapeutic way — to be savvy and empowered parents, caring for their own families, and moving past marketing claims to understand what to really look for in choosing a probiotic.

I know you feel responsible for the health and wellbeing of the children under your care. I know how seriously you take this role. I wrote this guide to educate and empower parents. It gives simple, clear, expert guidance on adding these helpful critters to your family’s self-care regimen.

A Mother’s Guide to Probiotics is a blend of down-to-earth advice and meticulous research, a resource to help you easily choose the most beneficial probiotics for the health issues your family is facing.

The guide includes links to deeper resources, should you want to look into this fascinating topic further, but NO FLUFF — by the time you finish it, you will know what species, strains and brands of probiotics will serve your family best.


My guide is exactly what you’ve been looking for if:

● You worry about how to address your family’s specific health needs

● You’ve overwhelmed by the marketing claims of all the probiotic options available

● You know there are many, many brands, species, and strains available, and have no idea how to choose the best one for your family

● You or your family members are experiencing digestive issues, eczema, colic, allergies, mastitis, gestational diabetes, mood disorders, a weak immune system, an antibiotic damaged gut, or bacterial or yeast infections.

What Mothers Are Saying

Don’t take it from only me, let other moms tell you about the Probiotic Guide.

I read it tonight and it’s great! It has so much useful information. I definitely learned a lot. Overall, the guide was easy to read and flowed from one point to the next. I could of kept on reading if there was more! Crystal P.

I read your ebook a couple times and I truly loved it. I think its just enough information to give people, to answer their questions and help them to make a choice. There are so many books out there that have materials on probiotics but you have to read hundreds of pages to get to one useful point. Marina B.

I just finished reading the guide and I was very encouraged by it. It clarified several of my questions and concerns regarding the use of probitiotics with my family. The guide is well structured and organized. It is very informative yet written in a simple enough language to benefit moms who are just starting this journey as well as the more seasoned ones. I love it! Denisa M.

I have not one thing negative to say. It was very informative and I learned a lot. I really liked the dosage chart, and what strains of bacteria are helpful for certain health issues. It was perfect for me, and gave me the knowledge I need about probiotics for my family. Tara B.

For your $19 investment, you’ll receive a downloadable PDF, delivered to you by email — perfect for printing, saving for quick reference, or loading onto your tablet or e-reader.

What it is: a clear, streamlined, uncomplicated resource to help you pick out the exact brand, species, and strain of probiotic to optimize your family’s well being.

As a mother, I know how important it is to keep our families healthy and happy. You’ll read every book, leave no stone unturned to find the absolute best way to care for them.

The problem is, what you find under those stones can be confusing, contradictory, and downright overwhelming — not to mention incredibly time-consuming. I want you to thrive as a family. I know, as a mother, how important health is for you and yours.

When you order A Mother’s Guide to Probiotics, you get the benefit of all my research: a clear, actionable plan to take care of your family in the best, most specific — and personalized — way possible.

If you are ready to take the overwhelm out of the challenge of giving your family probiotics – CLICK HERE.

If you have questions about the guide, feel free to send me an email.

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