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You and your body have been suffering for too long. I’m here to help.

I want to live in a world where women are well nourished… Mommas have energy for their days; kiddos are built with sturdy bones & active muscles; and families are full of energetic cells just bursting with readiness to take on the adventure of each wild day.

Unfortunately we live in a world that is often a constant round of infections and antibiotics and uncomfortable side effects.  A world where so many suffer from tummy aches, eczema, moodiness, constipation, depression, anxiety, bloating, digestive issues, painful and irregular menstruations, poor memory, and general body discomfort… When the tools to feel better are steps away, right in your kitchen.

I want you to have…

  • A plan to clean out the clutter of stress that is weighing you down
  • A system to help you eat foods and supplements that will make you feel better and heal YOUR body
  • A new understanding of the Foundational basics that make for a healthy body: Digestion, Blood Sugar, Fatty Acid & Mineral Status, & Hydration
  • A new sense that your body is your friend and it is worth listening to.

How can I help you?

Contact me to set up a 60 minute complimentary assessment to explore your health concerns and figure out the best way your food and I can support you and your body.

with Love and warmth,


learnmore-paperOne-to-One Nutritional Counseling

Best if you… Need help implementing real food into your life, and are looking for targeted supplements and nutrients to feel like superwoman again.

Details: Rates & Packages vary – see more details »


contactmeCustom GAPS counseling

Best if you… Are ready to do some serious healing for you, or your babies…or if you just want to feel awesome, have strong bones, healthy hormones, a clear mind, and thrive.

Details: Please contact me for details.

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