When you dig into the trigger areas of gut health, money mindset, and conscious sexuality, you hold the key to accessing your feminine power and living the life you crave. 

By focusing on nutrition to heal your gut, you will develop the strength and courage to look at every other area of your life. You could say that tending to one’s gut health makes one more “gutsy” 🙂. Symptoms are a message from you — to you — inviting you to learn and decode your own special messaging. Your body can inform you of what it is that you need to do. 

When you face your money mindset head-on, you unlock and release the limiting beliefs that hold you back from the life you want to live. Whether you’re ready to earn more than what you previously thought was possible, start your own business, or gain financial independence, we’ll dig deep so you can overcome the money mindset blocks that are holding you back.

Getting in touch with your sexuality & the creative flow of divine femininity will empower you to reclaim your intuition, find your voice, tap into your power, and strengthen your spiritual connection. Embracing your sexuality will allow creativity & money to flow more freely into your life. Sexuality doesn’t have to be scary. It’s not shameful. Feminine sexuality is your divine birthright. Conscious sexuality is the key that unlocks the door to your personal power and self-acceptance.

SEX. When you read about the Guts, Money & Sex Journey, I know sex is the word that stands out. It might even scare you a little. Is this program risque? Will I be uncomfortable? Will I be embarrassed?

The Guts, Money & Sex Journey is designed to empower you. There is no shaming. There is no judgement. This is an affirming experience with a warm, honest, and non-judgmental practitioner. As you go through the GMS Journey, I hold space and provide a safe and relaxed environment while I gently nudge you out of your comfort zone.

**Wondering where my GAPS Adult Program & GAPS Child Program went? I now offer very limited spots for these options. Please send me a direct email to inquire if I have openings.**

Guts, Money & Sex

1-1 Experience

Get back in touch with your wild and authentic self. In this personalized 3-month program, we’ll work together to help you take charge of your life so you can find the Peace, Power, and Pleasure you’ve been looking for.

Guts, Money & Sex

Beta VIP Day Experience

In this exclusive, personalized experience, we’ll spend an entire day focused on YOU! You’ll jumpstart your joy by focusing on gut health, money mindset, and personal sexuality. This is a VERY limited offer.

Guts, Money & Sex

Group Experience

This 8-week course will provide support and connection as you uncover your hidden courage and power through the Guts, Money & Sex framework.

**Wondering where my GAPS Adult Program & GAPS Child Program went? I still offer limited spots for these options. Please see this page for options**

the gms online program

You’ve been giving to others for your whole life. You see the impact you’ve made. And it’s not that you regret putting others first all these years. But now that your kids are getting older, you’re turning the focus to your own life. Your own dreams. Your own fears.

You’ve tried a few things — a diet here, a self-help book there. But you aren’t finding the peace and pleasure you crave. You’re stuck in a rut. You’re playing small.

I would wager… you’re ready for something more. 

In the Guts, Money & Sex Journey, I’ll help you dig deep to awaken your authenticity and feel fully alive again. 

✔ GUTS — We’ll address the health issues that are stopping you from living the life you want. This has to come first. If you’re anxious, throbbing, inflamed, tired, numb… you can’t have a relationship with the subtleties available to you. Do you have uncomfortable digestion issues, low-energy, or chronic health problems? We’ll dig deep into healing your gut so you can return to feeling your best.

✔ MONEY — Money is a confusing topic in our culture. We all want more of it. But we’re told it’s “the root of all evil”. We wish we could stop worrying about it. But messages of “poor is noble” and “rich is evil” permeate our mindset. In the GMS Journey, you’ll uncover your money mindset so you find clarity & lusciousness in your finances. Women do good things with more money. 

✔ SEX — Conscious sexuality is so much more than the physical act of sex. Getting in touch with who you are as a sensuous, vital woman will not only unlock your libido, it will fuel your creative spark. 

You’ll learn:

Salon 1: Assessing & learning tools of release

I’ll create a safe space for you to take an honest look at yourself. We’ll assess where you’ve been & where you are currently in the 3 areas of GMS. Then we’ll dive in and learn the basic tools for forgiving & releasing what no longer serves you.  

Salon 2: Building blocks

Once you’ve taken personal inventory and gently released what you no longer need, it’s time to start down the road to unlocking the full expression of who you are. You’ll learn the foundational practices for developing a healthy gut, an empowered money mindset, and conscious sexuality. 

Salon 3: Attract

You’ll learn how to attract and invite in what you want in each area of GMS. You’ll uncover the secrets to inviting beneficial microbes into your gut, money to your bank account, and value into your life. And we’ll explore the topic of attraction between the masculine & feminine. 

Salon 4: Dare Greatly

I’ll hold space for you as you take action. It’s time to take bold steps and make specific decisions in each of the GMS areas. 

Salon 5: Shadows & Blocks

As you move forward in the areas of Guts, Money, and Sex, you may discover blocks that get in your way. We’ll explore the shadows of guts, money & sex — hesitations, blocks, patterns, and a biggie…the shadow feminine.  

Salon 6: Infusion

Now it’s time to infuse practices into your daily life that will continue your growth and empowerment. You’ll strengthen the conviction that you are worth a sweeter, larger, more spacious and juicy life! 

During the Guts, Money & Sex Program, we’ll utilize a variety of modalities including EFT (Tapping), oracle cards, and Journey Code archetypal coaching.still

"GMS was so eye opening and permissive. I felt validated and supported, empowered, and just all around more expansive. I realized I can seek and pursue my own healing, on my own terms, and learn to trust my body. Pain that I had accepted as a part of aging or post-childbirth is gone. Your course has set me on a path to further explore what I might be capable of, even as I stay home and continue to educate my children. I am digging deeper into some self-image “stuff,” and daring to dream of an extraordinary goal in the coming year. Overall, I feel more confident after my work with you. So, thank you! 🙂 "
April C.
"Melanie’s GMS program showed up at the perfect time for me. When she announced the program, I immediately knew I needed to take it. I loved the combination of home-play exercises and meeting as a group to share our discoveries, insights, celebrations, and places where we were stuck. Melanie’s compassion, vision, and encouragement created a space where I felt held to spread my wings and challenge old ways of thinking. GMS played a part in helping me to be less worried about what other people think, connect with my body, and feel less fearful and guilty. Melanie walks her talk and is a beacon for those ready to step outside of limited thinking and ways of showing up in the world. I highly recommend working with her!"
Lorie T.
"My work with Melanie has been transformational. I’ve worked with Melanie one on one as a nutritional client in the past and experienced significant improvement in my health and well being. But participating in Guts, Money and Sex propelled my progress in a significant way that truly elevated my career, marriage and health to another level. I was challenged with new practices that brought me out of my comfort zone in many areas, shedding light on limiting beliefs around money, my self worth, and my sexuality and inspiring me to embody my innate wisdom in a profound way. With Melanie’s support and the alchemy of our small group, I felt supported to dig deep and face my shadow in order to be a more authentic human being and partner to my husband. I was able to create healthy new eating habits and increased vitality. By the end of the course, I had manifested a major work promotion, deepened the intimacy with my husband, and arrived at a level of equanimity in my diet and lifestyle that I had not experienced in the past. Melanie shares from a deeply authentic and wise reservoir of knowledge and experience and creates a very special container for women to learn and support each other. I highly recommend Melanie’s course to any woman ready to do the brave and juicy work of personal development and transformation."
April B.
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