Let’s simplify GAPS, at the same time adapting it to your needs.

Do you have stubborn health issues that conventional medicine has failed to help? Are you willing to do the work of GAPS but need guidance and a plan? As an experienced GAPS Practitioner I offer hands-on support and a plan that is informed by your unique needs and situation.

Pick from my one-to-one program options:

GAPS Child Program

GAPS Puttering Sessions

GAPS Adult Program

Hi, I’m Melanie Christner, mother-of-four, certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, GAPS™ practitioner, and Restorative Wellness™ Practitioner.

I help you simplify the GAPS Diet and adapt it to your needs.

My in-depth one-to-one work combines the power of real food, digestive therapy, functional lab tests, only-the-essential-supplements, and attention to lifestyle. Combined with a willingness to do the work and a good attitude, this helps my clients regain vitality.

It’s a big step to start GAPS™, and a big step to hire someone to help you implement the protocol. Click on the “Results” button to the right to read about other folks who have worked with me.

Through my services you will have:


I’m the mother of four (4) growing children…and have experienced (in an extensive “on-the-ground” way), what it is like to implement healing protocols in one’s own family.


A practitioner that will legitimize and empower you as the caretaker of your health, and those you care for.


We begin assessing and supporting systems such as digestion because their impact is connected to everything. Other foundations include diet, blood sugar & adrenal balance, fatty acid status, mineral status, and hydration.


The Gut and Psychology Syndrome™ is the focus of my practice. Having implemented GAPS™ with my own family, and having brought 300+ families through my online GAPS classes, I can offer expertise in the protocol to my clients.