Do you need help adapting GAPS to your health needs?

Looking for an experienced GAPS™ Practitioner to help you resolve stubborn health issues? As an experienced GAPS Practitioner I offer hands-on support and a plan that is informed by your unique needs and situation.

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Hi, I’m Melanie Christner, certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, GAPS™ practitioner, and Restorative Wellness Practitioner.

I specialize in functional nutrition and in using food therapeutically.

Combining real food, digestive therapy, functional lab tests, with attention to lifestyle, allows me to help families and individuals thrive and feel good. Helping families and individuals to thrive again is the most satisfying profession I can think of.

“I was lucky enough to meet Melanie in June of 2013.  A middle school teacher at the end of the school year, I was drained, exhausted, and struggling with chronic anxiety, chronic fatigue, bloating, fatigue after eating, diarrhea, dark under-eye circles, irregular periods and severe PMS.  

Meeting Melanie was a breath of fresh air – her expertise and her ability to truly listen and hear my needs, guided our creation of a GAPS diet that worked with my lifestyle.  She supported me through a dramatic GAPS Stage 1 diet, in which I experienced a great deal of detox reactions, and then through the process of transitioning to the normal GAPS diet.  

Her patience and availability was unfailing, and I knew she was there to support me…from choosing the best probiotic for my system, to sending me the best recipe in the whole world for homemade mayonnaise.  

After being on the full GAPS diet for 5 months, I feel more at home in my body than I have since childhood – it has allowed me to return home to myself.  My anxiety is gone, I feel energized after eating, have no food cravings whatsoever (goodbye sugar – hurray!), my digestion is strong and regular, my periods are regular, my PMS is much less, and I now have flawless skin with no under-eye circles.  I will be forever grateful to Melanie for helping me to find myself again.”

—Gretchen Miller


“Melanie was fantastic and thorough to work with.  She helped me understand our family diet better and minimize the anxiety I have over nutrition. 

We’ve incorporated a lot of the changes into our daily routines, and I often check my notes and emails from her sessions when I need help with something.  The Skype calls were flexible, wonderful and worked well with our lifestyle. 

I would highly recommend Melanie to anyone seriously seeking to maximize their nutrition, and for a thorough, comprehensive and custom plan of action.”


Through my services you will have:


I’m the mother of four (4) growing children…and have experienced (in an extensive “on-the-ground” way), what it is like to implement healing protocols in one’s own family.


A practitioner that will legitimize and empower you as the caretaker of your health, and those you care for.


We begin assessing and supporting systems such as digestion because their impact is connected to everything. Other foundations include diet, blood sugar & adrenal balance, fatty acid status, mineral status, and hydration.


While my work is not exclusively with GAPS clients, the Gut and Psychology Syndrome™ is a strong focus of my practice. Having implemented GAPS™ with my own family, and having brought 200+ families through my online GAPS classes, I can offer expertise in the protocol to my clients.

“Working with Melanie has been a huge step and gift to me in nourishing my family and doing everything I can to help us obtain and maintain optimal health.

We started out with my three year old who has asthma and food allergies seeking to help her body and particularly her immune system to function as best it can. While she was our main focus, every member of my family has benefited tremendously from this partnership.

My daughter is doing well and her immune system seems to be functioning better than it has in the past. My year-and-a-half year old son increased his concentration remarkably and became more relaxed and less high-needs. My husband has more energy now and usually refuses to eat things he was not eager to give up in the beginning because he feels so much better now. Severe painful eczema had begun to plague me and is now under control. I’m also enjoying improved mood and overall functioning.

Although I had learned much about nourishing and traditional foods as well as GAPS on my own, Melanie helped me to take more steps to get our family fully on track and the results have been more than worth the investment. She made changes that seemed overwhelming on my own manageable by helping me to put a plan in place. Melanie is an encouraging, knowledgeable, and supportive coach, and I’m so thankful for the privilege of working with her and will turn to her again as a resource as needed in the future.”

—Beth H.

I have a much deeper understanding of the primacy of food – its role as both villain (when we eat modern processed food) and the hero (when we eat real, nutrient dense, healing food) of our health. I have learned that my health, and how I feel on a day to day basis, is 100% about what I eat. 

I honestly – no exaggeration – feel better than I have felt in decades. I have lost 10 lbs (was not overweight before) and have so much more energy and a more clear (less fuzzy) brain.”

—Skotti F.

If you have any questions beyond what I have outlined on this page, I am happy to answer via email. Warmly, Melanie