You feel it in your gut—the answers to what’s going on in your body are out there.

And they’re not gimmicks or fluff.

They’re not through-the-roof expensive.

They’re actually simple, doable, and empowering.

You just have to find them.

Well, you’re right. Healing is possible. And it starts somewhere you’re probably very familiar with: the kitchen.

If your story is like my story, I’m betting you’re here because you are currently living with chronic illness, nagging pain, or unknown food sensitivities. Maybe you’re tired all the time, or struggle with migraines and adult acne, or you’re unable to lose (or gain) weight. You’ve likely been to multiple doctors but no one has gotten to the foundational issue. So you’re drained. Which means that when the better days come—ones that are filled with meaningful work and joy—you have no reserve of energy.

Or maybe you’re a parent of a sick child so your worrying is on constant simmer. You’re plagued by questions like What’s causing her eczema? Why is he so hyper? Why does she catch every cold? When are his ear infections going to stop, and how much damage are the antibiotics doing? How can I help her allergies?” So you’ve become a midnight Google warrior researching symptoms & remedies, trying real, whole foods but not getting the results the internet promises….or perhaps ignoring it to see if they’ll grow out of it.

Either way I’m betting you feel stretched and strained. And when you turn to your well-meaning doctor, you find they can only treat symptoms. (Hint: You need a targeted, functional lab-test backed, heal-from-the-inside-out-plan.)

The good news is that there’s a tool out there that helps folks like you alleviate the pain, allergies, and chronic illnesses that many doctors aren’t trained to get to the root of.  It’s called GAPS Protocol and when done right, it hits every one of the Foundations of health—diet, digestion, blood sugar, fatty acid & mineral status, & hydration.

My personal struggle and questioning led me to GAPS, and it changed my life so remarkably that I decided to become a GAPS Practitioner—to help other women and kids with the very troubles I once faced. To instill hope and offer real solutions. So that you can go beyond “numb” and “helpless” and into “thriving,” and fulfilling your purpose in this world.

Melanie Christner, GAPS Practitioner

Here’s my story:

Growing and nursing 4 babies took its toll on my body. After the birth of my 4th child an ill-timed infection hit, I took “one more” round of antibiotics, and my health crashed quietly. I struggled to get right side up again. I had unwittingly wiped out too many of my good guys, and my gut was compromised.

Thrush, migraines, acne, rashes, food reactions, fatigue…I knew there had to be answers, so I set about asking new questions.

My questioning led me to a conference where I heard a Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride speak about her work with autistic children & GAPS.

Cue: Epiphany after epiphany!

I gained a new understanding and appreciation for my body and how I could help it recover if I addressed my health from the gut level.

So, I bought Dr. Natasha’s yellow book, called “The Gut and Psychology Syndrome—Natural treatment for autism, dyspraxia, A.D.D., dyslexia, A.D.H.D, depression, and schizophrenia,” and read it cover to cover.

I eventually worked up the courage to put us all on GAPS. It was a tough protocol to implement for six…figuring it out on my own presented many hurdles and my family suffered more setbacks than they should have (had I known all the parts, pieces, tips & tricks that I know now). But I persevered (I can be stubborn when it matters) and implemented the GAPS Intro Diet for my family.

And then came the big AHA! moment.

By about Day 24, I was well on my way to restoring my health and changing my life. Not only that, but I was empowered as a woman and emboldened. I wanted to learn more and help others to do GAPS as well. So, I went back to the books, and trained in functional nutrition and as a GAPS Practitioner.

I came up with offerings that help women and kids with the very troubles I once faced:

feeling alone,

feeling sick and tired,

not knowing where to start,

second guessing yourself,

learning new kitchen skills, and so forth.

So now I get to incorporate my functional nutrition training + my time in as a mom and match the science of GAPS with lots of practicality and hand-holding empathy. The best part? I get to see my client’s AHA moments and breakthroughs.

My trainings & certifications include:

  • Certified Healing Foods Specialist
  • Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
  • GAPS™ Practitioner
  • Functional lab testing as a Restorative Wellness Practitioner™
  • Mom of four hearty eaters 🙂

I’m so glad you’ve made your way here.  It’s my privilege to help women like you get back to the good work of:

…raising compassionate & bold kids.
…having the energy to rally, move, & exercise.
…having a brain-fog FREE mind, to string good thoughts together.
…having vigor & robust health.

So, it’s time to stop letting modern culture (that’s making you & your kids sick) just happen to you.

It’s time to muster up the determination to take your health back.

I’ll help.

You can DIY with my free 30 Day GAPS Prep Guide and my Recipes, or take my twice annual GAPS Class, or go all-in working with me One-to-One.