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Mango Cherry Ice Cream (GAPS Diet)

Mango Cherry Ice Cream (GAPS-friendly) Ice cream season cometh. (My kids would say ... it never left 🙂 Below is a recipe for Mango Cherry Ice Cream (GAPS Diet friendly) that is closely related to my Raspberry Ice Cream. You can see that this GAPS friendly recipe is...

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Ginger Garlic Beet Kvass

Ginger garlic beet kvass Beet kvass. You can consider this old-time drink of Russian origin both a multi-vitamin and a health tonic. Ginger garlic beet kvass is a super-simple fermented drink. It’s one of the most potent probiotic foods, so start out with...

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Day-In-The-Life Of A GAPS Family

Sometimes the only way to wrap your head around a new idea/ to see it. Many families are contemplating the traditional-foods-based GAPS™ Diet for its healing benefits, not only for the gut, but the whole body. Many of these same...

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Grain Free GAPS Strawberry Cake

First guest posted on Empowered Sustenance. I love surprising guests with something that tastes great, yet is made without grains and white sugar. Recently, I had another chance to pull off a fun culinary confection when it was my daughter's 10th birthday. I let her...

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