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Simple BBQ Sauce (GAPS Diet Friendly)

Simple BBQ Sauce (GAPS Diet Friendly) Thinking about some summer barbecuing? This simple sauce can be used all by itself, or pepped up with some additions. In addition to the ingredients in this simple BBQ sauce, you can add ingredients like these: cayenne pepper...

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GAPS Diet For Eczema – Remedies & Tips

In my work with GAPS Clients, one of the most common skin conditions that folks are dealing with is eczema. Frequently families and children are undertaking the GAPS Diet for eczema alone, and find that it resolves other issues as well. Other skin conditions I see are...

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The Importance Of Play To The Healing (GAPS) Family

The Importance Of Play To The Healing (GAPS) Family I think most of us know that play is important for kids. Few of us, however, put the same emphasis on our OWN play, however, which is also important for adult health and mental well-being. I know for me personally,...

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Fresh Tomato Salsa – Full GAPS Friendly

Fresh Tomato Salsa Depending on your locale, you may not be in “tomato abundance land” quite yet. It’s unusual for us to have anything but greenhouse tomatoes right now, but our Whole Diet CSA had tomatoes earlier than they ever had, as it has been...

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