A Grain Free GAPS Birthday

It’s our Maggie’s 10th birthday this week. Whew…her first decade! To give an indication of her personality, she holds the distinguished place of the “family fireworks”. This post is in

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5 Myths About The GAPS Diet

Throughout my time of teaching the GAPS Class, I’ve fielded a lot of different questions about the GAPS Diet and Protocol. I’ve compiled a few common questions into this post

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GAPS Thanksgiving

GAPS Thanksgiving This year we are hosting most of my siblings for a GAPS Thanksgiving. Based on past experience, the house will be a cacophony of 9 kids, 1 cat

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My GAPS Story

I was nursing my 4th child when I first heard Dr. Natasha speak in 2007. Growing and nursing four babies had taken its toll on my body, and with an

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