GAPS Resource List

{US Version} Welcome to the GAPS Resource List – a place to find GAPS related resources, in one easy list. Prepared Food Resources Prepared broth: Kettle & Fire (specially packaged

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Creamy Tarragon Zucchini

There will come a time, not too long from now, when neighbors will be “generously” sharing their zucchini harvests. Zucchini gifting may even become covert if the bounty is profuse

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Spring Cleaning the Natural Way

Today’s post is a guest post by Laura Trotta. Laura is an experienced environmental engineer, holds a Masters of Science degree in Environmental Chemistry and founded the multi-award winning eco-parenting

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A Grain Free GAPS Birthday

It’s our Maggie’s 10th birthday this week. Whew…her first decade! To give an indication of her personality, she holds the distinguished place of the “family fireworks”. This post is in

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5 Myths About The GAPS Diet

Throughout my time of teaching the GAPS Class, I’ve fielded a lot of different questions about the GAPS Diet and Protocol. I’ve compiled a few common questions into this post

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