To have success on a healing diet, you need a plan to get good tasting food on the table.

If you are on my site, maybe you’re wondering if there are ways to cook food that tastes good and helps heal the gut. Maybe you’ve read of folks being helped by GAPS…everything from autism and eczema in their young ones, to migraines and Lyme’s disease in themselves.

One of the main questions my readers have is “What will we eat”?

The next question they have is “Will I have to live in the kitchen to get all the cooking done?”

Planning GAPS meals can be intimidating. I had one GAPS Class participant say, “GAPS is so easy, once you know what you are doing!”. But until you get to that easy point, you may be wanting a hand with the everyday work of getting edible meals on the table for your littles and middles. You might dream of a tool that keeps it all in one spot, with next week’s menu planning all done for you (and the next, and the next, aaand the next after that).

Meet Real Plans + GAPS

My clients and I have found Real Plans to be a grand solution. Real Plans is a meal planning tool that is fully customizable to work with your schedule/family/food preferences in a few clicks. Being able to click a few buttons and have a delicious (family tested) menu pop out like magic, complete with a grocery list, that is personalized to their family is so helpful!

PLUS, Real Plans contains over 250+ Full GAPS recipes, with more to come, and plans to add GAPS Intro recipes down the road!

You can even add your favorite GAPS recipes that you find elsewhere. Marvelous.

Real Plans fits my mission of: Simplifying the GAPS™ Diet, so you can hear your honest body.

What if you also have food sensitivities…on top of GAPS?

Just to make meal planning more interesting…most folks have a few problem foods that they know cause them upset. As part of our work together, many of my clients also do food sensitivity testing to rule out foods that are causing their bodies inflammation thus slowing down their healing process and making GAPS more of a struggle. They can feel overwhelmed at adding more restrictions on top of GAPS, but they’re game for the increased benefits of temporarily removing their problem foods.

Real Plans allows for removing foods in addition to the GAPS Plan in a few clicks of the mouse. A process that was “tears worthy” becomes “breathe again” worthy.

Watch my Real Plans video & I’ll show you
Multiple options for customizing

Here are just a few ways you can customize of Real Plans:

  • Customize your food preferences (Don’t like mushrooms? Allergic to eggs? You’re all set)
  • Adjust your serving sizes in a click
  • Print a customized shopping list in which you can deselect what you already have on hand
  • Upload your own favorite recipes into the system
  • More than 250+ GAPS-compliant recipes at your disposal (with more being added)
  • Features a sweet iOS or Android app that lets you shop, plan, and prepare on the go
  • Like to only have a dinner plan for the week? Like to add breakfasts to the plan on the weekends? Choose any possible combination of breakfasts, lunches, & dinners to be in your plan for specific days

The folks at Real Plans have made it their mission to make meal plans work for your brimming life. Click below to find out more.

My wish is for you to be well equipped for your healing work. May you find Real Plans as helpful as I have.

Disclosure: I’ve partnered with Real Plans and if you think that Real Plans is a good fit for your family’s menu planning needs, and use my link to purchase, I receive a small commission. This helps pay for my website expenses, so thank you!

Melanie Wulfman, FNTP, CGP, RWP

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