Grain free school lunch – 3 free menus

School has started for our kiddos here in the Northeast. (That means normal work hours!) It is important in our family to have nourishing grain free school lunches when they walk out the door.

Before school started, I sat down with my two youngest, and we put together not one but three grain free school lunch menus, and we wanted to share them with you. Consider it our back-to-school gift to your family!

A note on lunchboxes:

There are a lot of great lunchbox systems out there. We use Bentology because they are durable, made in the US, and more affordable than some options. However, if you want to completely avoid plastic (even BPA-free can be controversial), you might check out LunchBots or PlanetBox.

A note on recipes referenced:

You’ll notice that there are cookbooks referenced on some of the menu items. These are favorites of ours but feel free to substitute and tweak them for your family’s preferences.

The cookbooks are:

These menus are meant to give you ideas, but make them your own!


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