Fermented Vegetable Medley

The consumption of probiotic foods is essential to the GAPS protocol and this fermented veggie medley is an easy way to meet this requirement. Since dairy is an issue for

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Hungarian Beef Stew

The first snowflakes are showing up on my little-not-so-little handheld device weather app. Old Man Frost showed himself on windshields and windows on my morning run yesterday. My 17-year old

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3 Cheese GAPS Diet Pizza

I’ve had some good pizza in my life. Pepe’s pizza in New Haven, CT… The best deep-dish pizza in Chicago… So, if one were to compare homemade 3 Cheese GAPS

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Roast Chicken with Plums

There is roast chicken, and then there is Roast Chicken with Plums. Two beautiful whole, organic chickens are marinated with a special rub that includes ground sumac and plenty of

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GAPS Diet Baked Apples

Here in Middlebury (and a lot of Vermont), we have a community forum called Front Porch Forum. Their motto is “helping neighbors connect.” People post anything they want to share…anything…from

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