Below are the intake forms that need to be completed and sent in 24 hours prior to your first appointment to melanie@honestbody.com

It’s a bit of paperwork on the front end, but bear with the process…its important to our work together.The more I know about you, the better I am able to help you.

One form at a time 🙂

Form 1: Food Journal

Please use this form for 5 days of food journaling. You can either print it out and write in it, or save your own copy to type in.

Form 2: Health History

This is the basic health history form that we’ll use to go more in depth during your first consultation.

Form 3: Emotional Questionnaire

Emotions have a significant effect on our health. This form gives us some insight into your emotional health.

Form 4: Informed Consent Disclaimer

Please sign and date at the bottom.

Form 5: Fee Schedule

Please fill out this form.


Here is a list of recommended books & a printable workbook:


Keep an eye on your email inbox as I will be sending you an invitation to take the Nutri-Q Symptom Burden Questionnaire.

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