Do you remember when you felt your best? What was that like? What did you feel capable of?

Nutritional therapy (and GAPS™) addresses the underlying causes of feeling ill, tired, numb to feeling fully alive, and not your best self (due to vitamin deficiencies, food allergies/sensitivities, environmental triggers, and stress from a variety of sources).

This is done through a foundational approach: focused detective work, lab testing, symptom burden analyzing, and a caring practitioner. Nutritional therapy combined with GAPS™ can address and balance a wide range of conditions at once because it works with the body’s own continual movement towards health and homeostasis.

This program is for the adult who wants to feel well and care for their body from the inside out. This is done by giving your body the tools it needs to access the inherent health already there. We’ll work on getting to the root cause of your symptoms and create a comprehensive plan that includes diet modification, basic supplemental supports, shorter term targeted supplements, and healthy routines to address underlying stress (both physical and emotional). I’ll provide education in the Foundations of Health (diet, digestion, blood sugar, fatty acid & mineral status, & hydration) as well as other helpful resources specific to your situation. Through our work you’ll get relief, learn how to take care of your body in new ways, and gain tools and knowledge that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life.

Whats included?

A six month program, paid monthly.

The clients that end our work together having the best results work with me for a period of at least six months. Why? They get my hands-on attention and care, and lots of interaction between sessions. They have access to my advice for a full six months — the length of time that is generally needed to make lasting progress and complete the phases of a restorative program.

Initial Month:

  • 1.5 hour health history consultation
  • First round of core supports
  • Recommended lab tests
  • First round of dietary changes
  • Diet, Supplement & Detoxification Plan that is GAPS™ oriented and based on labs, individual priorities, symptoms, & food sensitivities

Each additional month:

  • 1 phone consultation per month
  • Communication through Basecamp, in between sessions, to keep all your resources and our conversations in one organized and easily accessible place
  • Client education – handouts and/or videos as needed
  • Printable materials – checklists, planning resources, recipe, and food resources
  • Troubleshooting & tailoring the program for YOUR bio-individual needs
  • Evaluation of your physical progress via Nutri-Q symptom assessment
  • Emotional care & support from a practitioner who cares and has years of experience personally implementing GAPS™ and other forms of nutritional therapy
  • The Heal Your Gut cookbook and my GAPS™ fridge magnets for great recipes and quick reference

Further details:

Pre-session is when I’m starting to get to know you and craft a direction for our work together. It includes the intake form process: your child’s health history, Nutri-Q symptom burden questionnaire, disclaimer, food journal, and any labs done recently.

The 1st session is all about info gathering and fact-finding. We delve into the issues that you are experiencing, your medical history, and any known environmental triggers. We’ll discuss some basic supplemental supports, the first round of dietary changes, and additional lab testing. After each session you will get an organized and detailed follow-up of your next steps and resources.

The 2nd session is usually after lab test results have come in and focuses on your personal GAPS program. We review the key points of each lab test, and how they are supported by the protocol. The plan will include diet, environmental adjustments, and any supplements to add to the routine, as well as many resources to refer to again and again.

The 3rd session is usually two to three weeks after session 2, to see how things are going. As a mother and business owner, I understand first hand how challenging it can be to adjust diet and lifestyle in a family. The goal of nutritional therapy is to find a routine that works for you! We’ll troubleshoot any issues you’re having and make modifications as necessary.

The 4th through 6th sessions weave in more check-ins, retesting/review, Phase II considerations, and education that will help you have good health for the duration. At this point you will likely have seen some major improvements in your symptoms. We’ll go over any additional issues, adjust your program as necessary, and design a strategy for the future.

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