This might be one of my more unusual offerings, but here goes…

So . . . I’m honestly not sure how to begin this sales page, so I’m going to lay out some threads and tie them together in the end into my strange offer for you.

Someone I admire in business said one of the smartest things I’ve ever heard about business: start with the lifestyle you want and then back your business into that.

Too many start a business and then struggle to get any quality of life out of the machine they’ve set into motion.

So, lifestyle first. That’s thread #1.

Thread #2 is this . . . our lived environments have a tremendous effect on us. If our environment is cluttered (or healthy meals untended) our minds will likely be cluttered. If our environment is beautiful then we tend to be fed by that.

Thread #3 is that the more folks I help with their GAPS work, the more I find it really difficult to stay on top of my own cooking, tidying and keeping my place as well organized, dusted, swept, and cared for as I’d like to. I have plenty of ideas and desire for cooking lovely dishes and nourishing my family, but I tend to stick to the basics and what is familiar…and just get it on the table. I would like to have more scenarios where I am feeding two birds with one hand.

Thread #4 is this: One-on-one work, although I love it, takes an immense amount of prep, consideration, and follow-up, it requires careful scheduling around my kids, my projects, traveling, and it requires me to be stationary, focused and attentive.

So, here’s my unusual offer: The GAPS™ Puttering Sessions.

I normally charge over $200/hour for my GAPS Consulting.

But, as you might have noticed, my schedule is not full of openings for this work.

So, here’s my strange offer to you: I’m offering up 8-10 one-on-one coaching sessions for $100 each, each month.

The catch is that I’ll be puttering and cooking while we chat.

I found my GAPS puttering session with Melanie to be extremely helpful and relieving. It’s one thing to read all the books and blogs out there, and another to get a seasoned practitioner on the phone to give some clarity around how all the information floating around applies to the specific symptoms and struggles we’re facing on the GAPS intro journey. Melanie has a lot of great tips about how to enjoy maximum healing benefits from the GAPS intro protocol, and I felt a lot less anxious after speaking with her and hearing— based on her vast well of experience—that I am indeed on the right track, even if it doesn’t always feel easy! ~ Elena

This means it must be something we can talk about while I putter. So I won’t be looking over health histories, lab tests, and putting together in-depth supplement protocols. But I have a lot of TIME. IN. Time in troubleshooting with hundreds of families through my online GAPS Classes, and my one-to-one client work…so chances are, I’ll be able to give you some actionable next-steps to get you on your GAPS way again.

Chances are I can help with the intimidation you feel about implementing GAPS.

To be clear: I’ll pause and take notes when I need to. I’ll make a list of things to send to you post call. But you’ll hear the tinkling of dishes, chopping, the water running as I scrub my sink, perhaps kids occasionally in the background, doors opening and closing, etc.

The conversation will have a more casual tone to it.

I’ve had many such conversations with friends done in just this way where I was coaching them but also puttering as I did so, and those impromptu sessions went really well.

A smaller catch: If the session goes well, I’d like to get a testimonial from you that I could use to sell future puttering sessions to those who don’t believe that puttering and productivity can go together well.

If this is of interest to you just select the date and time that works best for you from below and I’ll chat with you then.

Warmest, Melanie

P.S. If you think you’ll be able to stay on track, you’re welcome to cook or putter too. Why not get dinner ready and a cleaner home at the same time? As long as we’re both willing to pause and really focus, write notes etc. when needed, this should go swimmingly.

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