The Mother’s Probiotic Guide takes out the overwhelm about picking probiotics & puts it all in one easy guide…so you’re not left standing in front of the health food store fridge, wondering what probiotic will make your family healthy.
It’s hard to keep up with all the research.
When it comes to your family’s health, you want to do your homework.

Most of us know by now, that health is connected to digestion, and critical for healthy digestion — and healthy families — are probiotics: friendly microbes with beneficial properties you can ingest to support health and life.

But it would take many searches of multiple websites, articles & books (not to mention the hours of reading) to find out the info summarized within the Mother’s Guide to Probiotics.
There are so many books & articles that have info on
probiotics…but you have to read hundreds of pages to get to
one useful point.
Probiotics occur naturally in our guts, in an incredible variety of numbers and species. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles have left us with far fewer friendly beneficial microbes in our systems than we should have for optimal health. Medications (antibiotics and others), processed foods, stress, and a myriad of environmental factors influence our microbes negatively.

The gut has a profound impact on every other major system in the body.

This means that the microbes living in the gut do a lot of work for us — and the implications of this work go far beyond digestion.

They also help prevent infection, reduce inflammation, and make essential vitamins. And this only scratches the surface of all that probiotics do in our systems!

But if you have ever tried to sort through the hundreds of probiotic brands on the market to find The One that will have the most therapeutic benefit for your family — (and, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably done some late night scrolling through pages and pages on Google a time or two) — you know that you can’t rely on imprecise marketing claims alone.
The Mother’s Probiotic Guide matches current research to current health issues…in an all-in-one guide.

So that you can spend less time in front of the health food store fridge – wondering what probiotic will make your family healthy.
Avoid wasting time and money on probiotics that are neither effective, or specific to your family’s real-time issues.

I’ve tucked in to the research and weeded through the hype, to bring you a guide that empowers you to know good research from blatant advertising.

As a mother and nutritional therapy practitioner, I offer you this guide as a practical resource that backs your precious health spending with real, verified science.

Here’s what the Mother’s Guide covers:

What, Why, How & Where of Probiotics

  • What are probiotics
  • Why take them?
  • How do probiotics work (and how to know if a probiotic will work)?
  • Where do probiotics come from (who manufactures them in the 1st place)?

Probiotic Myths

  • The 6 Common Myths about probiotics
  • What is accurate instead
  • i.e. the myth – “Strain specificity is not important”

Prebiotics & compromised gut health

  • What prebiotics are, and what they have to do with the care & feeding of your microbial ecosytem
  • How most prebiotics aren’t great for those with compromised gut health
  • What my favorite prebiotics are

Specific Strains for Specific Issues A-Z

  • Which precise, tested strains of probiotics to use for particular health concerns, from A-Z
  • Have to use antibiotics? What probiotic should you take as well?
  • Have candidiasis? Constipation?
  • Eczema? Anxiety?
  • Diarrhea? Constipation?

Tips for Kids & Pregnancy

  • Probiotic use for ears, nose, & throat
  • Probiotics for kid’s moodiness

Brands & How to Dose

  • Criteria to put any brand against
  • How much probiotic is the right therapeutic dose by age
  • How to reduce die-off symptoms when starting probiotics

The Mother’s Guide to Probiotics is a blend of down-to-earth advice & meticulous research.

A resource to help you choose the most beneficial probiotics for your family’s health issues.

My guide is what you’ve been looking for if:

♥ You worry about how to address your family’s specific health needs

♥ You want a guide that includes links to deeper resources, should you want to look into this fascinating topic further, but is not filled with FLUFF that is not useful.

♥ You’re skeptical and/or overwhelmed by the marketing claims of probiotic companies

♥ You know there are many, many brands and probiotic strains available, and have little idea how to choose the best one for your family

♥ You or your family members are experiencing any of the following: digestive issues, eczema, colic, allergies, mastitis, dental caries, gestational diabetes, anxiety, a weak immune    system, an antibiotic damaged gut, bacterial or yeast infections.

Download the Mother’s Probiotic Guide

What do readers have to say about the Probiotic Guide?

I read your ebook a couple times and I truly loved it. I think its just enough information to give people, to answer their questions and help them to make a choice. There are so many books out there that have materials on probiotics but you have to read hundreds of pages
to get to one useful point.
Marina B.
I just finished reading the guide and I was very encouraged by it. It clarified several of my questions and concerns regarding the use of probiotics with my family. The guide is well structured and organized. It is very informative yet written in a simple enough language to benefit moms
who are just starting this journey as well as the more seasoned ones. I love it!
Denisa M.
I have not one thing negative to say. It was very informative and I learned a lot. I really liked the dosage chart, and what strains of bacteria are helpful for certain health issues. It was perfect for me, and gave me the knowledge I need about probiotics for
my family.
Tara B.
I read it tonight and it’s great! It has so much useful information. I definitely learned a lot. Overall, the guide was easy to read and flowed from one point to the next. I could of kept on reading if there was more!

Crystal P.

Hi, I’m Melanie.

I’m a certified Nutritional Therapy & GAPS™ Practitioner in Vermont.

Having four kids of my own, I love helping families approach gut health in a
way that is understandable & practical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. In the ebook I talk about specific strains for specific issues, but it is also important to have a variety of species & strains. This helps to mimic the diversity found in nature. Also included in the guide are my favorite broad spectrum probiotics & soil based probiotics, to help round out the diversity needed.

While there are many probiotics mentioned that are GAPS™ & SCD legal, there are brands that are not as well. The GAPS legal brands are noted with a star, but I wanted to provide a broad spectrum of strains matched with issues so that people could make their own decisions.

This very issue is addressed in the ebook, and the great majority of brands/strains included ARE viable past the stomach acid. It is important to know the strains that are viable and how to consume them in such a way that helps more of them make it through the upper GI.

The revised edition of the Mother’s Guide to Probiotics contains information on UTI’s, preparing for birth with probiotics, and considerations for Strep B during pregnancy.

With multiple food sensitivities, it is important to do a gut healing protocol alongside of very clean probiotic supplements. The ebook includes probiotic supplements with no fillers or additives (allergen friendly).

Yes. Most of the broad spectrum probiotics that include Bifido & Lactobacillus strains won’t work for SIBO (at least not initially), but there are proven bacteria that are very helpful for SIBO (included in the book).

Yes. Not all SBO’s are created equal, but there are very helpful strains/brands of SBO’s available.

Sorry, no, not at this time. This is a digital book. That means that when you purchase your copy, you will receive a link to download the book.

The Mother’s Guide to Probiotics give clear, easy-to-understand information, so you know WHAT to look for in probiotics on your own. Specific suggestions are also made for specific issues, and my favorite brands from my own functional nutrition experience are included too.

I put a lot of time into researching this subject and then translating my findings into an easy-to-read, no-nonsense guide. Considering how much money can be wasted on probiotics that either aren’t high quality or the right strain for an individuals goals, I think a lot of people will find it valuable. No worries if it’s not for you, though!

After purchase, you’ll receive an email with a download link. This email sometimes lands in Spam, so check your Spam folder if you haven’t received your email immediately.

Download the Mother’s Probiotic Guide

For your $19 investment, you’ll receive a downloadable PDF, delivered to you by email — perfect for
printing, saving for quick reference, or loading onto your tablet or e-reader.

The Mother’s Probiotic Guide is a clear, streamlined, uncomplicated resource to help you pick out the exact brand, species, and strains of probiotics to optimize your family’s well being.

When you order A Mother’s Guide to Probiotics, you get the benefit of my research: enabling you to make a clear, actionable plan to take care of your family in the most specific — and personalized — way possible.

Know a mom who needs help with this?

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