One-To-One Nutritional Consulting

One-to-one nutritional consulting is currently offered on a very limited basis.

We begin with a 1 – 1.5 hour health history consultation.

This cost of a health history consultation is $115, and applies towards the packages below, if you choose this option.

During your health history consultation, we go over your health history in depth and talk about your health goals. I explain my health beliefs, what to expect throughout the consulting process. We then decide if working together is a good fit, and if so, what package you would like to sign up for.

Ready to get started? Contact me to book your initial consultation.

Here is what to expect if you sign up for consulting sessions…

  • Food Journal reviews
  • Comprehensive Symptom Burden Report (with visual handout)
  • Cooking & Menu ideas (1 week’s worth of menus customized to your needs)
  • Recommended reading, DVDs, websites
  • Sessions can be broken up into 1/2 hr. or 1 hr. consultations based on your needs
  • Two Q & A emails between sessions (if there is too much to cover in an email, moving it to the next session may be advisable)
  • Informational handouts, recipes, tips, etc.
  • Follow up Symptom Burden Report, Food Journal, Recommendations at the end of program
  • Recommendations for additional outside therapies that may be helpful in your individual situation
  • If we meet in person, you will also receive a hands-on functional evaluation and lingual neural testing of supplements or food
  • If we meet long distance, I can guide you through certain aspects of self-testing


Your options for Nutritional Therapy and GAPS consulting…

4-Month Package

Two 45-minute sessions per month.
Paid in full. $170 per month. $680 total.
Paid monthly. $180 per month. $720 total.

3-Month Package

Two 45-minute sessions per month.
Paid in full. $170 per month. $510 total.
Paid monthly. $180 per month. $540 total.

2-Month Package

Two 45-minute sessions per month.
Paid in full. $175 per month. $350 total.
Paid monthly. $185 per month. $370 total.

One-Time 30 Minute Session

Includes preemptive review of Food Journal, NAQ Symptom Burden report, and 1 week email support (up to 3 emails)
Paid in advance. $75 total.


Ready to get started? Contact me to book your initial consultation.

In addition, extra single sessions (billed at $95 per hour) may be negotiated – including follow-up email instructions and recommendations.


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