Your body is intuitive and anciently wise.

It cares for you like no one else can, compensating every minute to keep you in a state of balanced homeostasis. Sometimes the body’s honesty is painful or uncomfortable. Your Body needs something to take care of you, and is trying to get your attention.

Here at Honest Body we delve into those honest messages and ask the question…

Why were many traditional peoples healthy generation after generation, having easy labors and healthy babies, with good bone structure and strong immunity? What are the commonalities?

We also explore the psychology and relationships of food and eating. And we explore today’s nutritional information in an informative and non-boring way. We offer this information for free.

We also offer ebooks, group trainings, amazingly yummy whole food recipes, and one-on-one consultations with Melanie, Board Certified Nutritional Therapist and GAPS Practitioner.

On Our Products page you will find Honest Body’s very own grain & gluten free granola, as well as other great products that we use for our own family and feel that we can recommend to others.


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