Honest Body For Sale

Honest Body is For Sale

Are you a GAPS™ Practitioner or Coach? Or passionate about GAPS™?

  • Would you like a consistent stream of prospective GAPS™ Clients?
  • Would you like 11 years of solid GAPS content to share with your audience & clients?
  • Would you like to immediately have a FB page with over 20,000 followers, a Pinterest page with over 2,300 followers, and an email list of over 6,700 subscribers?
  • Would you like the trusted name of one of the leading GAPS info sources, Honest Body, to back your GAPS work?
  • And not only that…be location independent? Loving & serving your clients from anywhere?

Then you might be a good fit for the purchase of my company. After 11+ years of serving the GAPS community, I am selling Honest Body and offering a short mentorship to the new owner. I’m looking for someone passionate about GAPS and nutritional therapy to take over my body of work!

HonestBody.com is a premier website in the GAPS Diet space and consistently shows up on the front page of Google searches for GAPS related searches.

Honest Body has been a boutique functional nutritional therapy practice with a focus on the digestive healing protocol called GAPS™ (which stands for Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome). Audience reach is over 25K between Honest Body’s different platforms.

The practice is location-independent and virtual, with the website being the main source of potential clientele, and client calls/care has been conducted virtually via Zoom/Basecamp/text/email, etc.

What’s Included in the Sale?

  • Domain
  • Honest Body Trademark
  • Website files
  • Email address
  • Social media accounts
  • Email subscriber list
  • Brand assets (logos, etc)
  • Unique content
  • Unique design


  • Customers’ point of entry is typically through an organic search for GAPS™ information and services. My website is a premier source of this information and a clear channel for finding a skilled, compassionate GAPS™ Practitioner.
  • Previously, my monthly recurring revenue was based largely on the number of clients. I had two tiers for clients and ran 3-month packages.
    – Upper tier support: $2,700 for 3-month package, $900/monthly
    – Lower tier support: $1,500 for 3-month package, $500/monthly
  • I had one part-time assistant, Deanna, who worked 4 hours per week. She may be willing to continue working for the new owner if they are a good fit. She is responsible for some client care, menu planning, blog post writing, and other misc tasks.


Marketing has been primarily through well-written blog posts and newsletters, as well as some social media sharing of blog posts and work.

When I am launching a live round of an online course, such as my signature GAPS Class, I run an email campaign launch. In the past, this has yielded participants signing up in the range of 20-50 people.

I am sabbatical currently, but previously I filled as many client spots as I would like. I could  have 10+ client spots filled easily and have client calls just 2 days per week (with 1 week off per month).

Key Metrics of last 30 Days:

  • 36,143 Pageviews
  • Top Referrerals are Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, TraditionalCookingSchool.com
  • Top 10 Countries are 1. USA (8,021), 2. Canada (973), 3. Australia (918), 4. UK (706), 5. Germany (237), 6. Netherlands (237), 7. Sweden (155), 8. South Africa (125), 9. Indonesia (88), 10. Ireland (84).


  • It is important to note that the financials reflect the owner, Melanie Wulfman, slowing down marketing efforts in the past year due to a personal sabbatical. I have included reports for 2021 &  2022 to show what kind of numbers are possible. 2021 Profit & Loss, 2022 Profit & Loss
  • Depending on the number of clients, there can be additional client revenue from the sale of supplements for their protocols, as well as affiliate payments from partners such as Real Plans.
  • Previously, my business was bringing in $7-8,000 per month. Expenses can be as low as $150-200/month.

Growth Potential:

  • I have not utilized the website for paid ads, which could be a great source of revenue.
  • Also, there is much potential for private labeling GAPS Diet supplements, as well as becoming an affiliate for additional GAPS  aligned products & services.
  • The website can be much enhanced with passive revenue streams. That is simply not something I put time and attention on.

Additional Information:

Honest Body includes a FB page with over 20K followers, a newsletter list of over 6,700, Instagram followers of 733, and Pinterest followers of 2.3K

There is ample opportunity to increase the client base if desired and to create new membership/online course structures for other revenue streams.

Who would be perfect for this acquisition?

A GAPS™ Practitioner or Coach who is passionate about root cause healing with food, nutritional therapy, who wants to build their client base easily, or use the robust platform and brand to create passive revenue.

Reason for the sale:

After 11+ years in this field, my passions are moving in different directions. This work has been truly rewarding, with  many lives changed, and it has run its course for me personally.

Transition support:

I want my buyer to be well supported and I am willing to discuss various options. At the current price point I am available for basic transition support of 1-2 months, but would consider additional support/mentoring for an additional investment.

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