Years ago, I used to feel an impending doom zipping around my insides when my children got sick.

With four kidlets, having them get sick could be one miserable round of tissues, stainless steel throw-up bowls, and painful coughing and sore throats. A few doctor trips and antibiotics a year were inevitable. Before my knowledge of natural remedies teamed up with robust mama-guided immune systems, we’d have some miserable kids…or adults.

Does this resonate with you?

Does wanting out of this cycle and feeling capable of boosting your family’s immunity resonate with you?

Today, my kiddos are not free from getting sick. They still get their immune systems exercised and educated. But it is so much milder and non-scary. I am affectionately labeled the “witch-doctor” and my children suffer minimally. Even when sick, they sleep soundly through the night. I build their immunity daily with food and have the natural tools to support them when they do succumb to an ailment.

And those “sick” doctor visits? We haven’t had one of those in about 6 years. (We save doctor visits for broken limbs and stitches!)

There is more to the immune system than helping you avoid a cold…or getting you over one.

The immune system has departments and tasks in every layer of your body.

In this Immune Influencer Series, I am going to flesh out, one-at-a-time, each of the Simple Ten that Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride sites as…

The Top 10 Influences that Boost Immunity

Learn the top 10 influences that boost your immunity so you can add them to your daily life.

And conversely…

The Top 10 Influences that Damage Immunity

Learn the top 10 influences that can damage your immunity so you can avoid them in your daily life.

I would love to keep you in the loop.

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