A Must Have For Your Medicine Cabinet

I’m a fan of simple & authentic solutions. The greater variety of creatures & critters helped, the better. (That’s why I am so drawn to the GAPS™ Protocol)

So, what can be used for removing unwelcome guests from your body? The toxic heavy metals and parasites that pervade? How about the pests that plague your pets? Or the lice, roaches, fleas, stinkbugs, & fly larvae that invade house & barn?!

Diatomaceous earth – natural treatment for parasites and heavy metals.

What Is It?

Diatomaceous Earth is a fossilized deposit of microscopic shells created by one celled plants called Diatoms. These plants inhabit all the waters of the earth, and serve as the basic food for aquatic life, just as grass is the basic food for land animals.

It’s a single cell fossil that acts as a natural and organic insecticide, killing bugs by breaking down their exoskeletons, which causes them to dehydrate. It’s a little bit like glass to a parasite, but is like harmless powder to us. It is largely made of silica (good for hair and nails) with other trace minerals.

What Is It Commonly Used For?

  • Parasites & worms (+ all the symptoms that accompany…see below)
  • Absorbing heavy metals, viruses, pathogenic bacteria
  • Roaches, ants, bedbugs, lice
  • Lice, ticks, & flea control (natural insecticide)
  • Livestock feed, both for insect control & anti-caking

Sounds pretty good, eh? It gets even better when you start to look at the pain and suffering that parasites can inflict when they get out of control. Parasites have their place, we have cohabited with them and other microbes for thousands of years. But when our bodies (inner ecosystems if you will) get out of balance, then our beneficial organisms aren’t able to keep them in check and they can get out of control, dominating where they are not meant to.

To read about how to use Diatomaceous Earth and where to source it, please join me over at HealthHomeHappy.com to read my guest post.

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