What is the GAPS Diet?

What is GAPS Diet

What is the GAPS Diet?

Perhaps you are already familiar with what is the GAPS Diet. Maybe you’ve even read the GAPS™ book, heard stories from friends, or even tried implementing a few changes with your own family…I knew about GAPS myself for quite some time before I actually used it with my own family.

However, in case you need to go back to basics or explain it to someone else, here’s what the GAPS™ Diet looks like:

The GAPS™ Diet is more appropriately called a “protocol” and includes three parts:

  • Healing diet
  • Supplementation
  • Detoxification

GAPS™ stands for the Gut and Psychology Syndrome, or Gut and Physiology Syndrome, and the protocol designed by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, a U.K. neurologist. She (and GAPS™ Practitioners she has trained) has used the protocol to heal everything from autism, eczema, & migraines — to depression & hormone issues. 

Want the short & sweet version? Here is what GAPS™ does:

  • Removes complex carbs, which are difficult to digest and feed pathogenic organisms.
  • Includes fermented foods & high-quality probiotic supplements to restore gut flora.
  • Prioritizes meat stocks/bone broths to heal the lining of the intestinal tract. 
  • Focuses on nutrient-dense, traditional foods to restore nutrient deficiencies.
  • Carefully reintroduces foods in order of digestibility & absorption.
  • Includes lifestyle changes that bring in detox and immune-boosting practices.

For a complete list of the 6-Stage Introduction Diet Foods + Full GAPS Foods, click here

For my GAPS recipes, click here.

For GAPS meal plans, click here. For my 14-week GAPS Dinner Menus & Grocery List, click here.


To learn more about GAPS, I suggest reading these two books:

4 thoughts on “What is the GAPS Diet?”

  1. Hi there,
    I am curious about the trademark on the title “GAPS”. Is that your trademark, or Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBrides?

    1. Hello Beth,

      Thanks for the question.

      That is Dr. Natasha’s trademark, and being a GAPS™ Practitioner allows the use of the trademarked term.


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