The Traditional Foods Movement has been an impressive agent of change in thousands of people’s lives.

No longer do we need to be helpless in the hands of industry, ignorant of what our ancestors ate, and buying what Big Ag considers “food”. We can stop being the only species on the planet that does not eat what they are genetically designed to eat.

Out of this traditional foods movement have come many heroes, and many “branches” of real food eating. WAPF, Paleo, Primal, GAPS, AIP, Grain-free, etc.

Sometimes it can be confusing…what are the differences? And what is right for your family?

Start with real food, and continue on from there.

I focus this article on the differences and similarities between a GAPS and Traditional Diet (I reference the WAPF for this) and the GAPS Protocol. I feel the GAPS Protocol is helpful for those who have been eating WAPF for a while, but find they need something more to undo the damage done by Western diet & medicine.

First let’s outline what GAPS & WAPF diets are.

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