I was nursing my 4th child when I first heard Dr. Natasha speak in 2007. Growing and nursing four babies had taken its toll on my body, and with an ill-timed infection and another round of antibiotics, I sunk into several months of misery as I struggled to get right side up again.

By taking “one more” antibiotic, and without any probiotics, I had unwittingly wiped out too many of my protectors (beneficial bacteria) and opportunistic microbes dominated. What did that look like? I lived with almost 5 months of excruciatingly painful nursing, due to thrush. Like suck-in-my-breath-and-bite-back-tears kind of pain every time I started nursing…for almost five months. (Call me crazy for sticking with it)

My skin acted out with acne and rashes. Food became an enemy…I didn’t know WHAT to eat anymore, because there were so many foods that caused reactions. I was tired and didn’t feel well, and yet I had four beautiful little kids depending on me to love them and meet their needs. I knew there had to be answers for me, so I started asking questions.

Conventional medicine and topical treatments proved unhelpful for these chronic type conditions, so I turned to education in natural medicine and nutrition. I became interested in the Weston Price Foundation and their focus on traditional foods and indigenous healthy people groups.

Lightbulb moments

So when I heard there was a WAPF conference in my state, I persuaded a health conscious friend to take the weekend to attend with me, my nursing babe in tow. It turned out to be a pivotal weekend in my life. A “follow the dots” weekend if you will, with many more “dots” to follow in the 7 years since.

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