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Who is Melanie & what is GMS?

gms© is the evolution of melanie’s work with women. gms stands for Guts, Money & Sex, combining the life transformational power that comes when a woman tends her gut health, her money stories/beliefs, & her conscious sexuality.

How does the GMS© Program bring in more Peace, Power & Pleasure?

  • Working on your gut health will give you the strength, body PEACE, energy & foundation to have courage in every other area of your life.  
  • Working on your money beliefs/blocks will help you turn around your money scenarios and attract more easeful income to flow into your life — watch it come! This unblocking will emPOWER you in multiple ways.  
  • Working on your conscious sexual health & practices and cultivating healthy femininity will give you new access to soul retrieval, PLEASURE, and a reclamation of your intuition, voice, power, and connection with God/Spirit. It will help creativity & money to flow more freely into your life. 
i’m melanie fielstra, fntp, cgp. as a functional nutritional therapist & skilled gaps™ practitioner i worked w/ women & families for years to craft bio-individual gaps healing protocols. 
now i have evolved my focus to just work w/ women in the personal transformation space via GMS.
To learn more, visit my About page.
Wondering where the GAPS Diet stuff went? To learn more, visit What is the GAPS Diet page. You can also access my 30-Day-GAPS-Prep-Guide here.

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