Bone & surgery healing protocol

Little did I know I would need a bone & surgery healing protocol when just 10 minutes earlier, she had been happily chatting away on my lap while I worked on my laptop. She was sharing her newest artwork, and I was delighted that she was content to sit with me for a few moments.

Like the butterfly she is, my 10-year-old flitted off to the next attraction, which was finding the frisbee with our dog, Pippin, in the soggy backyard. Some minutes later, I heard what no mom wants to hear. The kind of screaming and wailing that galvanizes mothers to mobilize like lightning and see what damage has been done.

I ran down the stairs and outside to the backyard to find her crumpled on her legs in the grass. She had slipped just wrong on the June-rains-soaked-lawn and was in 10-year-old agony.

I carried her inside, assessed the pain level and what I could see of her ankle, dosed her with Arnica 200C and Rescue Remedy, and decided we would spend the evening in the ER because this needed looking into.

Several hours later, a sprain was diagnosed, and she hobbled to the car with her first pair of crutches.

Bones that have broken or sprained can end up being a “weak point” in the body and can take a long time to fully heal, or not. So it’s really important to give them the best tools for healing.

This bone & surgery healing protocol both speeds up healing, as well as helps the healing to be more “solid.”

Client anecdote

I’ve shared this protocol with many clients and friends, with good success. One of my young clients had a severe hip break that had halted his growth, and at seven, he hadn’t lost any baby teeth yet because all of his body’s resources went to dealing with the bone break trauma. Once on this protocol, he began putting on good weight and lost his first tooth!

Other tips for bone healing

Below are some additional steps I took to help my daughter’s healing, and I would highly recommend them as well.

Homeopathic remedies

I keep a homeopathic toolkit on hand at all times. It has proven invaluable time and again. For the next couple of days after the sprain, my daughter had some nausea, presumably from the pain. What was helpful for the nausea was a few doses of Ipecac 30C and Cocculus 30C. Along with Arnica, I also dosed her with Symphytum 30C (promotes healing of bone trauma) for good measure.

Chiropractic care

I’ve also been taking my daughter to our amazing chiropractor to ensure her spinal cord and nerves are not put out of whack by the injury and compensating that the rest of the body does when an injury happens.

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