Can you be inspired about health from a fairy tale?

There’s an old tale called Vasalisa the Wise.

In the tale she sets out on a mission to visit the old lady Baba Yaga, to procure fire, for her family’s fire has gone out.

Also in the tale are three horsemen…a black rider on a black horse, a red rider on a red horse, and a white rider on a white horse. The symbolism is a bit layered, but what strikes me the most is this:

  1. The black horse/rider symbolizes the dissolving of one’s old values.
  2. The red horse/rider symbolizes the sacrifice of one’s preciously held illusions.
  3. The white horse/rider symbolizes the new knowing that comes from experiencing the first two.

What does a fairy tale have to do with food and health?

1. In reference to the first symbol, we often need to dissolve some old values before we can begin to be healthy and whole people.

For instance, dissolving the value of “fitting in” amongst a huge majority of American culture,  so that we can eat and prepare foods that are nutrient dense and health promoting for us and our families… rather than “sick-promoting”. It’s swimming-upstream-work, but necessary & loving work.

2. In reference to the second symbol, we must always question/test/be our own scientists…and be willing to lay down old illusions.

I love the Weston Price Foundation, because it is based on the work of Weston A. Price, a scientist and dentist  (also head of ADA research) who questioned the foods of commerce, and questioned why his patients were getting sicker and sicker, and their teeth worse and worse. This led him on a worldwide tour of research and discovery of what nutrient density means for the health of humans and animals. If you are solely depending on what your doctor tells you to do, then you will not get well.

3. In reference to the third symbol, “new knowing” is about how you conduct your life based on what you learn.

It’s about being a change maker in our corner of the world. It’s about implementing. Learn…and share it with someone…even if it is your four year old.

I just attended the annual Weston Price Foundation Conference. There is an ever growing number of individuals and families who want to reclaim honest food ways.  We are completely capable of making a difference in the food and health department. Put on your cape and boots.

The world doesn’t get changed by hording knowledge of traditional and healing foods and education to ourselves. The world needs our special something, whether that is making change in the what we bring to the potluck, or teaching a small group what we’re learning, or being brave enough to experiment with new foods in the kitchen.

What have you changed lately? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

For more about the Weston Price Foundation, click here.



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