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Who is Melanie & why does gaps™ work?

gaps™ works by getting to the root issue of so many health issues = gut health. this helps to resolve health concerns ranging from autism, eczema, & migraines — to depression & hormone issues.

Want the short & sweet version? Here is what GAPS™ does:

  • Removes complex carbs, which are difficult to digest and feed pathogenic organisms.
  • Includes fermented foods & high-quality probiotic supplements to restore gut flora.
  • Prioritizes meat stocks/bone broths to heal the lining of the intestinal tract. 
  • Focuses on nutrient-dense, traditional foods to restore nutrient deficiencies.
  • Carefully reintroduces foods in order of digestibility & absorption.
  • Includes lifestyle changes that bring in detox and immune-boosting practices.
To learn more, visit my What is the GAPS Diet page.
i’m melanie fielstra, fntp, cgp. as a functional nutritional therapist & skilled gaps™ practitioner i take a bio-individual approach to gaps, helping you craft a simple plan to do gaps for yourself or your kids. 
To learn more, visit my About page.

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