First 5 Days GAPS Intro

The First Five Days of GAPS Intro Diet

When our family first started GAPS years ago, it was the first five days of GAPS Intro that were the toughest to wrap my mind around…and my family was pretty low energy in those first 5 days also. Now, as a GAPS™ practitioner, I find this to be true (more or less) for many families I help through Intro.

Where people tend to get stuck about the GAPS Protocol is typically the Introduction part of the diet. I put together this 5 Day Checklist and Menu for Intro that can be easily scaled up or down (depending on family size) or spread out over more days if needed.

If you can be completely prepared with everything on hand ahead of time, all the better! You can do this.

Why do the GAPS Introduction Diet?

I dig into this question in my article titled What is the GAPS Diet? However, to put it simply, the GAPS Dietary protocol is one of the best ways to address autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD⁄ADD), schizophrenia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and other neuro-psychological and psychiatric problems.

The GAPS Protocol is my foundational tool, in addition to functional lab testing and nutritional therapy, for addressing these concerns. Please visit my Work With Me page for more information on what that looks like.

In addition to that, the GAPS Dietary protocol can be used for allergies, autoimmune illness, arthritis, gut problems, fatigue, hormonal problems, asthma, and much more.


A video walk-through of the Menu + Checklist

A Note On Meat Stock vs. Broth

I remember years ago when I was transitioning my family to a Real Food diet, making bone broth or meat stock was one of my biggest hurdles. Generation by generation we have simply lost certain food arts, and this was one tradition I couldn’t wrap my head around.

As I finally made my own, I realized, it couldn’t…be…simpler. Soon I was making soups that other people raved about and that nourished the bodies of my family.

This broth & meat stock preparation would become an especially huge part of our diet as we undertook the GAPS™ protocol. Taken in therapeutic amounts daily, it is extremely nourishing and building the digestive tract, bones, muscle, skin…with benefits ranging from stimulating growth hormone to getting rid of cellulite.

Bone broth is essentially made with bones or the carcass of the animal and simmered for long periods of time. Bone broth is used after 30 days of being on the GAPS Introduction Diet.

Meat stock is simply the liquid that you have cooked your meat in and is a shorter period of cooking time. (Which comes in handy when you are doing so much soup making on Intro!)

Meat stock is best for:

Being gentler and less detoxifying, and is used for the Introduction diet. Has less free glutamates, and much less histamines, which can be problematic for some in the beginning. MEAT STOCK IS RECOMMENDED FOR THE FIRST 30 DAYS OF GAPS.

Bone broth is best for:

Being more therapeutic, and should be eased into if you are doing the Introduction diet, especially if you are sensitive to free glutamates, as these will be increased in the longer cooking times for bone broth.

Here is an article that explains the differences further, along with some recipes:

GAPS Diet Bone Broth & Meat Stock


First 5 days of GAPS Intro

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