We’re going camping this weekend! We’re joining a bunch of our very good friends at a nearby lake campground.

Amidst the biking, hiking, swimming, boating, sunbathing, campfire yacking…there will be food. Since we are in a full season of life, I’m aiming to keep it simple, while still having some fun GAPS & grain-free foods. We’re also camping next to our car, so our choices can be a little more varied. Yes, you can do the GAPS Diet while camping.

Here is what I’m planning for food:

Dinner #1



Dinner #2

  • Hobo Packs over the coals
    -ground beef
    -homemade taco seasoning
  • Baked apples with honey, butter, cinnamon, & raisins

Misc Snacks

Prep Ahead:

  • Marshmallows (& maybe grain free graham crackers?)
  • Grain free muffins (probably lemon poppyseed)
  • Cinnamon yogurt dip
  • Simple homemade ranch (sour cream, garlic powder, sea salt, dried parsley)
  • “Fun sticks”
  • Beet salad
  • Grain-free crackers

Enjoy your weekend friends. May it be filled with family and friends.

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10 thoughts on “GAPS Diet while camping”

  1. I love this post! Thank you! I need help figuring out how to feed my family GAPS food when we’re not at home, including lunches and snacks to send to school with my kids, as well as making travel simpler. I’m dreading our vacation to visit family next month because my in-laws do 60+% of their eating in restaurants…and eat a SAD diet at home.

    My parents love to camp, so I’m sharing this with them!

    1. Melanie Christner


      Thanks for the comments…I’m glad you found the post helpful! Good luck with the family 🙂

      There will be more posts coming on GAPS School lunches/snacks, etc. so stay tuned!

  2. These are great ideas for both camping and the day trips we’ll be doing this summer! Thanks for posting.

    1. Melanie Christner

      Hi JoAnne,

      Thanks for catching that, it could have been confusing. I have a few artisan, local hams available to me that would be considered GAPS legal, but I switched the post to show turkey meat, since that is more readily available. 🙂

  3. What brand of hotdogs have you found to be GAPS legal? My kids have the Applegate Beef but they aren’t on GAPS. It “looks” legal, but I haven’t been tempted to try it myself as I’m the one on GAPS.

    1. Melanie Christner

      Hi Julie,

      We also use the Applegate hot dogs, the kind that is grassfed and organic. Going by ingredient list alone, they are GAPS legal. Always check in with your own body to determine if they are work for you or not 🙂

  4. We recently returned from a camping road trip. I made a cabbage, carrot, beet salad that lasted almost a week as a side dish and topping for salads. Frozen stew to heat up were in the cooler along with ground beef for grilled burgers. Ferments like sauerkraut, kim chi and fermented mustard were helpful condiments. Crispy nuts and raisins were our snacks.

    We treated ourselves to a rotisserie chicken when camping in the city, and I made chicken soup the next day using the bones and leftover meat. Like you, we took hard boiled eggs and hot dogs, along with canned sardines, tuna and salmon. And we stocked up on avocados, apples and bananas. I also took a jar of frozen fatty meat from an oxtail to eat when I got hungry from not eating enough healthy fats for almost a week. It kept me going for the rest of the trip.

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