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Meatball Borscht

Meatball Borscht

Rich, sweet, and beautifully colored, this meatball borscht is grain-free and GAPS legal.  Perfect for a cold or snowy day.   Originating in Eastern Europe, borscht is one of those foods with so many variations that it defies definition. This borscht is akin to the most common versions of recipes which use beetroot.  It’s different than

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10 ways to use chicken GAPS diet

10 Ways to Use Leftover Chicken on the GAPS Diet

Meat stock is a staple of the GAPS diet protocol.  Consuming the recommended 3-5 cups per day for therapeutic dosage means lots of boiled meat.  Using drumsticks, wings, or necks to make your meat stock will yield less meat.  Still, eating chicken soup can get a bit old after a while, so we came up

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3 Cheese GAPS Diet Pizza

I’ve had some good pizza in my life. Pepe’s pizza in New Haven, CT… The best deep-dish pizza in Chicago… So, if one were to compare homemade 3 Cheese GAPS Diet pizza ‘apples to apples’ with those legends it might set you up for disappointment. But. If you’re looking for that home variety of hot-melty-cheese-over-pizza-sauce-over-soft-with-a-little-crunch-pizza-crust,

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Grain Free Chicken tenders

Grain free Chicken Tenders w/ Honey Mustard Mayo

Last night was that half-excited, half-dreaded “night before school”. Though many dinners are six around the table…one college-bound son was seeing friends for the last time before heading off to Boston and one ambitious junior-in-high-school son was eating dinner elsewhere to get training tips for making it on nearby college Nordic ski teams. That left

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