How to tranisition from GAPS

How to Transition from Full GAPS to a Traditional Diet

Like most other successful diets and protocols, GAPS is actually a lifestyle, not just a “diet.” Unlike most other diets and protocols, GAPS is designed to heal and seal the gut in such a powerful way that you may actually get to the point where you don’t need to be on GAPS any longer. Though …

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GAPS Eggnog

GAPS Eggnog

If you are like me, having a carton of Darigold eggnog in the refrigerator was a pretty special treat as a kid!  Just another reason that the holiday season is so magical.  If you are like my (then teenage) brother, you would consume the entire carton before your sister got a chance at it! But …

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Meatball Borscht

Meatball Borscht

Rich, sweet, and beautifully colored, this meatball borscht is grain-free and GAPS legal.  Perfect for a cold or snowy day.   Originating in Eastern Europe, borscht is one of those foods with so many variations that it defies definition. This borscht is akin to the most common versions of recipes which use beetroot.  It’s different than …

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