Hungarian Beef Stew

The first snowflakes are showing up on my little-not-so-little handheld device weather app. Old Man Frost showed himself on windshields and windows on my morning run yesterday. My 17-year old son is starting to move through the house making Nordic ski motions. (He waits all year for ski season.) Winter a cometh! As the weather …

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3 Cheese GAPS Diet Pizza

I’ve had some good pizza in my life. Pepe’s pizza in New Haven, CT… The best deep-dish pizza in Chicago… So, if one were to compare homemade 3 Cheese GAPS Diet pizza ‘apples to apples’ with those legends it might set you up for disappointment. But. If you’re looking for that home variety of hot-melty-cheese-over-pizza-sauce-over-soft-with-a-little-crunch-pizza-crust, …

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Grain Free Chicken tenders

Grain free Chicken Tenders w/ Honey Mustard Mayo

Last night was that half-excited, half-dreaded “night before school”. Though many dinners are six around the table…one college-bound son was seeing friends for the last time before heading off to Boston and one ambitious junior-in-high-school son was eating dinner elsewhere to get training tips for making it on nearby college Nordic ski teams. That left …

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