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stage 5

Hungarian Beef Stew

The first snowflakes are showing up on my little-not-so-little handheld device weather app. Old Man Frost showed himself on windshields and windows on my morning run yesterday. My 17-year old son is starting to move through the house making Nordic ski motions. (He waits all year for ski season.) Winter a cometh! As the weather …

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24 Hour Dairy Kefir

24 Hour Dairy Kefir 24-hour Dairy kefir is one of the easiest, and most beneficial, fermented foods available. Steeped in legends about its origins, it has been around for thousands of years, making its way from the Eastern European Caucasus Mountains to Russian doctors, and eventually spreading throughout the world. What is kefir? Essentially kefir …

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Spinach & Rosemary Pea Soup (GAPS + Paleo Friendly)

Spinach & Rosemary Pea Soup Ever feel like having a touch of spring in January? Craving green things after a multitude of hearty soups, stews, & warming foods? Yep. That was me last night. Not knowing HOW MUCH spinach was in a 4 lb. bulk bag of spinach I ordered, we had extra spinach… My …

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Summer Tomato Soup – GAPS + Grain Free

These are the BEST EATING times of the year! After our weekly CSA pickup, my fridge and counter-tops overflow with summer bounty. Our favorite raw veggies, and berries from nearby bushes, can at last begin to satisfy the “roving pack-man munchers” in my home. As summer wrapped up we had multiple rounds of company. What …

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GAPS Intro Nutbutter Bread

When our family of six first undertook the Intro part of the GAPS Protocol, learning new food preparation took a lion’s share of time. Being the forward thinking, future mother-in-law that I am, I employed my oldest son as much as possible in food prep (speaking of which, he is making lemon poppy-seed muffins as …

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Juicing 101: Why Do It, Which Juicers Are Best, Recipes To Try

This post is a guest post on The Healthy Home Economist What To Do? …when we breathe, bathe, ingest, walk on, cook with, drive in, & live in toxic chemicals…from the carpets our babies crawl on…to the fillings in our teeth, and the lotions we put on our skin? It can be maddening. Heavy metals, …

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